Words by Fleur Rollet-Manus

You’ve struggled through your 9ams, spent several nights camped out in the library with caffeine for company and are just about to submit your second round of assignments. You’ve made it and deserve a break. What better way to spend it than in one of our five student-budget friendly getaways? Better yet, we’re showcasing the best places to get your study on (one day out of five, okay?) where your favourite authors wrote their masterpieces and most importantly where you can escape to, to reconnect with your inner Einstein!

  1. Amsterdam

Where better to transport yourself than the artistic Amsterdam? If you’re craving a creative break (all the best students do) then hop on your bike and explore Amsterdam’s elaborate canal system. Even when travelling in Europe, don’t forget to get the right travel insurance and take your EHIC along with you!

Where to stay? Stayokay Vondelpark Amsterdam provides picturesque views over Vondelpark as you dine on their traditional Dutch breakfast of cold meats and cheeses. You can also pick up your mandatory Amsterdam accessory here: the pushbike.

Where to study? White Label. If you find yourself hitting a slump, be sure to ask for one of their double naked espressos. These guys take their love for coffee global so you can chat about all things nomadic, which is not classed as procrastinating at all, because, well, travel IS education.

Be inspired! Anne Frank’s House enables you to submerge yourself in the history and home of this celebrated war-time writer. You’ll leave seeing Amsterdam through a new set of eyes.

  1. Berlin

The hippest place in Europe, there’s no doubt about it. Immerse yourself in the capital of culture and cool with everything from underground libraries to impromptu street art exhibitions, in this captivating city that lives and breathes its history.

Where to stay? Generator Berlin Mitte has everything the wanderlust academic could ask for. Whether it’s their library you desire or their craft beer to help you unwind after your cramming session, you’ll feel right at home here.

Where to study? Hallesches Haus, You know those hangouts that just cater for every single want or whim you might have? Well, Hallesches Haus is Berlin’s best. Debate over red wine and cheese in their canteen (because private dining is so 2016) or ponder amongst the paintings in their general store.

Be inspired! The Reichstag Building is the second most visited building in Germany and it’s easy to see why. Climb to the top of the glass dome, erected as a symbol of the German government’s transparency, for unrivalled 360 degree views.

Generator Berlin Mitte
  1. Budapest

The jewel of budget backpackers. Hungary’s capital gives us grand architecture, outdoor thermal spas and baths and, of course, ruin bars. If you haven’t checked off this eclectic city from your bucket list then what are you waiting for? Where else can you have cocktails in an old Mini whilst listening to reggae and discussing whether or not there are other beings in this universe? Don’t forget to check out www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice for country specific information.

Where to stay? Mandala. This idyllic hostel is perfect to escape to when in need of de-stress. They offer regular yoga classes as well as styling their dorms in calming Zen interiors. Sit back, take a shisha pipe and battle it out with a new friend over a game of scrabble.

Where to study? Espresso Embassy has become something of a European coffee institution and you’ll find it full of students, intellects and wanderers alike due to its perfect cortado and croissant combinations.

Be inspired! Gellert Spa and Baths. Because we’ve all had eureka moments in the shower, right?

Gellert Spa, Budapest
  1. Edinburgh

If you’re not sure your student budget can stretch to a few days abroad, (we get it: you’ve spent all your loan on, um, books?!) then jump on a train and explore what our Scottish neighbours are offering – and trust us its rich heritage, medieval Old Town and blooming Georgian gardens offer a lot!

Where to stay? Castle Rock Hostel has a piano and a self-dubbed  posh lounge for you to pick up your quill and muse over your scholarly wisdom. Smoking pipe and jacket optional (but advised!).

Where to study? The Elephant House is a literary legend as this is where our beloved J.K Rowling wrote the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione that shaped our childhood. If your inspiration is lacking, the magic within the walls of this coffee and cake house will soon have you creating your own book of spells in no time.

Be inspired! Edinburgh Castle dominates history books and the city’s skyline, and its pride of place is well deserved. Take a glimpse at the miniature city below the royal residence and feel like you’re the king of the castle.

  1. Reykjavik 

The capital of Iceland is set to be top of the travel trends in 2017 so pop over there now to see it in all its unspoilt glory. Wake up to kaleidoscope sunrises over Mount Esja, cosy up in coffee houses serving soup in bread bowls and marvel at the natural wonder of the shooting geysers.

Where to stay? Kex Hostel is housed in an old biscuit factory so instantly it gets a huge “yes” from us. Not to mention its indulgent library, heated patio or the fact it’s on the doorstep of Reykjavik’s best cafes and bars.

Where to study? Stofan. MAJOR TRAVEL TIP ALERT! Once you’ve bought your first cup of coffee you get free refills. Do we really need to say anything else?

Be inspired! Iceland isn’t just perfect for your Instagram feed, it is also home to some of nature’s most breathtaking creations. The sublime awe that you feel when overlooking Gullfoss is something that could fuel endless poetry and prose.

Laugarvatn Fontana Geothermal Baths, Reykjavik

Before you ditch the books and grab the first flight out of here, make sure check out these websites: www.gov.uk/travelaware and www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice. They have further checklists regarding individual countries laws and customs, vaccination and visa information to help you get prepared. Don’t forget to follow @FCOTravel on Facebook and Twitter for travel advice updates too.