Ellis Davies

Sub TV, a big name in student media and broadcasting, supplies music entertainment to many student bars and other areas across the country, including the Brunel Union bar Locos. On the night of Superbowl XLIX, Sunday 1st February, one of Locos busiest nights of the year, Sub TV was seen to broadcast a seemingly inappropriate music video on all small TV screens in Locos.

Locos TV 14/02/15
Locos TV 01/02/15

The music video in question was A Town Called Hypocrisy by The Lostprophets, a well known rock band who recently disbanded.

However, as has been largely publicised over the past year via various levels of the media, ex Lostprophets front man Ian Watkins was sentenced to 29 years for a string of child sex offences on 18 Dec, 2013. Following a very public trial process, Watkins pleaded guilty to 13 individual sex offences, and was labeled as a ‘corrupting influence’ by Mr Justice Royce, elaborating that Watkins showed a ‘complete lack of remorse’ for his actions.

The video that was played on the evening of the Superbowl at Locos depicts Watkins as a children's TV presenter. Scenes from A Town Called Hypocrisy show Watkins, a now convicted peadophile, interacting on a regular basis with children as part of his role. Giving the convictions that are now public knowledge, this video is likely to cause offence to some, and is on the whole inappropriate for public broadcast. Particularly on such a busy night.

Following the broadcast, Sub TV were asked to comment, with reply coming from Sub TV’s Head of Broadcast Simon Marriot. Mr Marriot stated that the broadcast was of “Great concern to us here at Subtv as we had taken all steps we could to make sure all Lostprophets videos had been removed from ALL our systems. This step was taken as soon as the allegations arose.”

He further elaborated that the video “wouldn’t’t have been broadcast nationally as these tracks have been removed from all our scheduling systems.” Judging from Sub TV’s response, it is clear that the airing of A Town Called Hypocrisy was not something that the company was aware of until it was brought to their attention via this correspondence.

Following an investigation, Sub TV gave update on the situation. Responsibility for this investigation was given to the ‘technical department who have indicated that the video in question was selected via the touchscreen located in your union bar’.

The final conclusion arrived at by Sub TV was that ‘someone manually selected the video via your touchscreen on site.’ Therefore the video in question was chosen by a patron of Locos on Sunday 1st February, and was consequently shown on all the smaller screens positioned around the bar. Sub TV would like to reiterate that ‘all videos from the band were taken off the schedule, and mobile app as soon as the allegations came to light. At no point did Subtv schedule any of the Lost prophets videos for broadcast.’

As a result of Le Nurb’s enquiries into the matter, Sub TV ‘have now removed the videos manually from your union system’. Although this removes patrons ability to request songs they would perhaps like to hear at the Union bar, this is a necessary action giving the nature of the surrounding events.

Loco’s management is yet to comment on the matter, and it is not known whether Sub TV have had any contact with management over this issue.

Sub TV were efficient and quick to act on the matter once the incident was brought to their attention, conducting a swift and thorough investigation into the broadcast. No Lostprophets music videos are now available to be played through Sub TV at Locos, ensuring that no offence is caused as a result.