Le Nurb is the official newspaper of the Union of Brunel Students (UBS). We pride ourselves on growing the best of student journalism from any budding journalists.

We operate both a monthly newspaper and an online site. Our analogue version acts as a sharp and engaging way to keep up with all the news, features, culture and sport from the past month. Our online format acts as a way to focus upon emerging stories, along with acting as a forum for debate for the entire Brunel student body.

We are incredibly open about the type and tone of our content. While accepting articles from anyone with an open mind and willingness to learn, we always stick to our principles, keeping Le Nurb as a hub for high quality journalism.

We would love to hear from YOU! If you have anything you would like to add or want to write for us, please email the editor: media.chair@brunel.ac.uk.

Le Nurb is funded by the Union of Brunel Students, and is part of Le Nurb Media, the home of student media at Brunel University London. Le Nurb Media also incorporates Le Nurb Video and Le Nurb Radio


Our Core Values

Editorial quality

Le Nurb strives to provide quality content in both style and subject. Le Nurb aims to publish content that is produced to the same standard as some national newspapers. Le Nurb does not engage in gossip or hatemongering. Le Nurb’s content reflects the morals, philosophies and values of the editorial team and the student body at large. As such, content is consistently formal in tone, balanced in argument and unbiased in opinion.


Le Nurb is always striving to engage students in the Union of Brunel Students, the University and Student Media. Le Nurb reports on issues that it feels is relevant to the student and staff of Brunel, and to the wider student audience. Le Nurb places strong emphasis on encouraging students to become involved in the newspaper, whether it is through writing, editing, photography, design content or otherwise. Le Nurb is constantly looking to expand its reach to become an increasingly inclusive and accessible activity.

A fair argument

Content which implicates a person or persons in its subject will always be provided to the affected parties for comment, and sometimes approval. Le Nurb considers itself a balanced and unbiased publication and as such those who may wish to add comment or opinion to any content produced by Le Nurb will always be invited and encouraged to do so.


Increased awareness means increased engagement. All who participate in the production of Le Nurb are also responsible for widening awareness of the newspaper – through publicity, social media and lending their time to Le Nurb related activities such as distribution of the newspaper and socials. Le Nurb participants are also expected to encourage awareness and engagement with the Union of Brunel Students.


Le Nurb will strive to the highest level of quality at all times: in content, fairness, production, behaviour and awareness.