Foals have come a long way since the release of their debut album in 2008. As of 2015, this four-piece indie rock band are set to release their fourth studio album, titled, ‘What Went Down’. This smasher of an album was recorded at a notorious south of France studio with go-to indie producer, James Ford. To say that this album was well anticipated is an understatement, but I can tell you now that Foals have not let us down.

Here’s a rundown of the album:

What Went Down

  • The first single on the album always gives you a good taster of what to expect, and ‘What Went Down’ clearly does this. With its impressive riffs that explode into the fiery chorus, and its husky vocals that perfectly fit this track, there’s no better song to let the world know that Foals are back!

Mountain At My Gates

  • With similarities to Foals’ classic track, ‘My Number’, I have a feeling that this could be the crowd-favourite on the album. Frontman Yannis Philippakis’ powerful vocals along with the thunderous drums have bought back the pop-rock side to this band that we all love.

Birch Tree

  • It may sound more chilled out but as we progress through the song it reminds us that every track on the album seems to maintain some amazing power and energy.

Give It All

  • The steady drum beat in this track sits parallel to the brilliant vocals to create a song that can simply only be described as wonderful.  The lyrics don’t hold back any emotion and the vocals expose a passionate side to this band that I feel can sometimes gets filtered out through their ‘loud’ sound.


  • Albatross is a song full of passion, energy and vitality. You can tell from the start, with its dominant drumbeat and catchy guitar riffs that this song just makes you want to get up and go!

Snake Oil

  • This is the most badass track on the album; I mean, even the title sounds cool. ‘Snake Oil’ could easily be placed in ‘Antidotes’, Foals’ first ever album, and I love it. It’s rare that after a band release its forth studio album that the music still sounds as good as when they began.

Night Swimmers

  • Yannis was right when he stated that ‘What Went Down’ will be their loudest and heaviest record to date, and this song is the perfect example. Once ‘Night Swimmers’ gets into it it’s loud and full of energy; you just can’t fault the passion that this song has.

London Thunder

  • The lyrics and vocals maintain this bleak and mournful feeling, and being able to create such effective emotion in one song just shows how well-produced and well-written this record is.

Lonely Hunter

  • This song has a perfect title. The track tends to be a lot slower than other tracks on the album and lacks that ‘oomph’ that we look out for throughout. However, seeing as the track is about loneliness it all fits perfectly.

A Knife In the Ocean

  • Chaotic, extreme and the energy builds as the song progresses. As the last track on the record, it does not let Foals down.

‘What Went Down’ pushes the indie rock boundaries to perfectly display what this album is all about. While this album can be described as fierce, loud and intense set of tracks, it also has a really sombre touch to it. ‘What Went Down’ manages to express intense passion and energy in every song.

Rating: 4/5