Whilst sitting backstage at the notorious Camden Koko I had the pleasure of interviewing the incredibly talented RHODES before he headlined his sold out London show on the 9th of October.

A few years ago David Rhodes, from Hitchen, had little confidence when it came to his own singing voice, and admitted to me that he still struggles when hearing his singing back. In 2013, Rhodes decided to venture out into the singing world and following some encouragement from his father, he decided to record a couple of songs and upload them online. It’s now two years later and Rhodes is signed to independent record label, Ministry of Sound and opening shows for some of the biggest names in the business.

Seeing his debut album, Wishes, had only just dropped at the time of the interview it was only necessary to talk about it. Rhodes admitted that since mixing the album he hasn’t yet managed to listen back to it, nor properly look at its feedback (which I’m sure is great). He told me that the main reason for this is because he has been so busy promoting the album and enjoying performing that he hasn’t had the time.

All tracks on the album seem to maintain this beautiful and raw sound. For Rhodes, his favourite songs on the album is ‘Breathe’ and ‘You and I’, he stated they both embody the sentiment behind them. He later goes on to say that the songs discuss the important things in life and that it is too easy to take these things for granted.

The singer admitted that he is his biggest critic, but the "excitement is there when you finish a song". Rhodes described his fear of singing as going to the microphone and it being "like someone cut my vocal chords. It was really weird".

I managed to watch his set after the interview and his voice has the power to silence the audience, it is quite incredible. David Rhodes may be a massive critic of his own voice but from that, it has bought a seriously good album and a perfect live performance.

For a musician, it is known that your debut album is your chance to display your official ‘sound’. The RHODES sound tends to be very organic and natural, and for Rhodes, a lot of his music comes from a filmic and cinematic influence. So if you haven’t heard this guy before just imagine cinematic music and raw vocals, all with a slight folk hold to it.

David’s father also has a big interest in music and he said that they are "jamming all the time". Maybe there’s a possibility that there could be a father son duo coming up soon? It is something that Rhodes said he would love to do!

So after the album usually comes the tour, and one notable moment from the UK Wishes tour in David’s eyes was when someone in the crowd fainted during his performance. He said:

“I didn’t know how to handle [it] cause I was playing a song on the piano and then I was like someone just fainted. I didn’t know whether to stop or carry on”.

He also mentioned that an amusing moment of the tour was when a pair of underwear landed on his shy female cellist’s pedal board, ‘which was the funniest thing'.

Speaking of touring, supporting George Ezra at The Olympia – one of the most famous and iconic music venues in the world – was top of the list for Rhodes and one of his favourite shows ever played. Rhodes said:

It was just something about being there() It’s just so memorable.

Next on the agenda for this guy is taking his Wishes tour to Europe. He said:

“I love going to Europe. I can’t wait to go back to Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin, but I’ve recently been around Scandanavia a bit so I can’t wait to go there. But I’m hopefully gonna go to Spain and Italy. I’ve never even been to Italy, that’s gonna be fun.”

RHODES’ debut album ‘Wishes’ is out now.