With so much on the marketplace it is easy to miss some great games. Here is my roundup of what you need to be checking out.

  • Bloons TD 5 - Play: £1.90 4.6* / Amazon: £1.78 4.5*
    A kind of tower defence game that had you popping balloons before they get through the level. Upgrades, varied levels, and lots of balloon types make this addictive.
  • ManchinariumPlay: £3.50 4.6*
    Beautiful and atmospheric puzzle game with hand drawn art. After he is dumped in the scrap, you must help your little robot find his place in the world once more by solving simple puzzles involving interacting with various objects.
  • The Silent AgePlay: Free 4.3* / Amazon: Free 4.3*
    Atmospheric and mysterious puzzle game that has you flipping from the present to the future at will. But what happened there, why is everyone dead, and how are you, a lowly janitor involved?
  • QuizupPlay: Free 4.3* / Amazon: Free 3.9*
    Warning, this quiz game will swallow your time! With achievements, rankings, and over 550 quiz categories from Harry Potter to Linguistics it is easy to forget you are supposed to be doing other things with your time.
  • FreeqPlay: £3.22 3.9*
    More like an engaging interactive story than a game; you have a device that allows you to tune into the future. By listening to calls, and occasionally choosing who connects to whom, you learn who these characters are and what involvement with what is coming. Features accessibility mode for blind or visually impaired users. Excellent voice acting.
  • Pocket GodPlay: £0.62 3.7* / Amazon: £1.31 3.5*
    You are a god and you can do with your tribesmen as you see fit. Which usually involves killing them in creative ways, from counting them into a volcano to picking them up in a whirlwind and hitting them with lightning. Can you figure out all the things you can do, and unlock all the locations?
  • Plague Inc.Play: Free 4.5* / Amazon: £0.60 4.7*
    Design an epidemic with the highest casualty rate possible, if you wipe out the human race you've won! Do you want your virus to make people sick, or maybe make them crazy? Or just lie dormant until it activates and kills them stone dead? The end of the world had never been so much fun!
  • AuraluxPlay: Free 4.5* / Amazon: Free 4.1*
    Real time strategy boiled down to its most basic, and beautifully presented. You start with a star that produces units, tiny orbs, constantly. Battle against the computer players by sending your orbs out to capture new stars and eventually destroy your enemy set against ambient music and with a slow methodical feel to the action.
  • Osmos HDPlay: £1.79 4.7* (Free Demo 4.1*) / Amazon: £1.99 4.6*
    With an ambient electronica soundtrack this is another ambient slow moving game that can at the same time chill you out and set you on edge. You control your small spherical organism and jet around the screen absorbing any smaller organisms to increase your size. To move you jet some of your mass, meaning if you move too much or too fast you will shrink again. But beware for predators that are vying for the same resources and may absorb you if they get bigger than you!
  • OrbitalPlay: £3.00 4.5* (Free Demo 4.1*) / Amazon: £1.78 3.4*
    Shoot orbs into the space above you with your cannon, they will bounce off the edges of the screen then where they stop they will grow in size until they touch something else. Hit each orb three times with other orbs to destroy it, but be careful not to let any orbs cross back over your baseline or it’s game over! Tricky, fun, and quick to pick up and play.
  • Zombies RunPlay: £2.79 4.4*
    Gamifying exercise. The amazing thing about this game is the sheer quantity of excellent content. Activate the GPS on your phone and start running as the story develops through radio messages, or have it set a specific location for you to run to, or just run as you listen to the radio hosts. Uses the music on your phone and inserts communications between the songs. There is also a 5K training version.
  • Soulcraft 2Play: Free 4.1*
    For fans of games like Diablo this is probably the closest thing out on Android. Battle through different, beautifully rendered locations. Level up your hero, earn gold and souls to buy better equipment, and have fun using your (admittedly very limited) spells and abilities to destroy the demonic enemies.
  • BlekPlay: £1.75 4.2* / Amazon: £1.99 3.6*
    A puzzle game like no other! Draw any line on the screen and watch that line moves across the screen by repeating the same motion. Figure out the right shape to hit all the dots stranded around the screen. Challenging and original with a modern art look.
  • Alchemy Classic HDPlay: Free 4.6*
    Utterly simple in concept, yes still addictive. Starting with four basic elements, combine them in different ways to create new things, for example fire and water give you steam. Soon you'll be creating dinosaurs, nuclear reactors, and UFOs!
  • First TimesPlay: Free 3.3* / Amazon: Free 3.5*
    Weird, dark, and creepy psychological text adventure. A throwback to games of yesteryear, but genuinely creepy. You wake up in the morgue and must escape the building, but things are not right around here!
  • DokuroPlay: £0.58 4.4*
    You are a skeleton tasked with saving the hapless princess through the perils of the dark castle. Navigate the threats and traps yourself and clear a path, drawing on the screen to create ropes, water, and more!
  • Heads Up!Play: Free 4.3* / Amazon: Free 4.6*
    Hold your phone to your forehead and guess the word as your friends act it out for you. Great party game!
  • Daily Free App @ AmazonPlay: Free 3.7*
    Technically but a game, but can be a source of free games and other great apps! Every day Amazon give away an android app for free, this app will tell you what it is and remind you to look each day. Some of the apps above were obtained through this!