This is my first post on mens fashion and it's been very much needed for a while now I think. I've done a post on women's spring fashion must haves and guys should definitely get in on this as well.

It's finally warm enough to justify bomber jackets! And, as we've only just put winter behind us, don't throw those chelsea boots to the back of your wardrobe just yet.

1. The Boots

Chelsea boots are great because they're incredibly versatile and their ankle length makes them perfect for any weather (apart from a heatwave, of course).


River Island

River Island have a great selection of chelsea boots and these classic black leather ones are timeless and will literally work with anything. Wear with a simple pair of black slim fit jeans or even a suit if that's what you fancy - you can't go wrong! Also, try ASOS, New Look or Burton for different styles, colours and prices if these aren't quite your cup of tea.


Alternatively, you could opt for a pair of desert boots for something more casual.

2. The Bombers

Spring is a little awkward - cardigan is too cold but coat is too hot. So what's in the middle? Bomber jackets are finally coming in handy.



Yes, finally a 'bomber meets quilted'. How perfect is this? Khaki isn't a season-specific colour so it works really well for spring and the quilted design paired with the bomber style makes this the perfect fancy bomber. Not too thin and not too thick, bombers are ideal for that awkward weather phase where you just don't know how it'll go. For an every day look, wear with a black or navy polo, or, take advantage of the quilted design and wear with a collared shirt to dress it up.


However, those classic fashion pieces are great, too. So if you're after something more familiar, this model bomber is everywhere and it's options are just as countless (try ASOS for a wide range of colours, Zara for leather options and New Look for simple styles and low prices)