By Jasmin Nahar

Brunel students can now apply to be a Brunel Buddy next academic year and help support a new student during their transition into university.   

Applications opened on April 20 and are due to close on May 13, but this is subject to change depending on the volume of applications.

James Shanahan, Volunteers Assistant at Brunel, outlined some of the qualities a Brunel Buddy should have: “One thing that a Brunel buddy needs to be is reliable. It’s that sense of being proactive and independent and reaching out to your new student. The next thing is to be a good communicator. They really have to make sure that they’re able to put their point across well. Also, be considerate and caring”.

Applicants for the scheme can select a morning or afternoon slot for a training day on May 18th, and successful applicants need to ensure that they are free on Fresher’s Week so that they can meet their student. There’s also a Brunel Buddy social on September 22, for buddies and students to meet each other.

In addition to the free training, Buddies will be given free coffee voucher, a Brunel Buddies hoody, and will gain volunteering hours.

The role of being a Brunel Buddy to a student lasts for four weeks, though James added that some new students feel they no longer need help after two weeks or so, but that in other instances a Buddy may want to occasionally check how their student is doing even after the four weeks are over.

And on why students should consider applying, James said: “Because we were all in that situation once in our lives. At some point, we were new to something, whether it was university or school. Everyone can relate in one way or another, even if the Brunel buddy and the new student have nothing in common they’ll both be able to talk to each other about their first day at uni”.