On Thursday 14th of August across Britain 300,000 people received their A-level results and had to make the decision of what they could do with their lives after school. Brunel clearing call centre received thousands of calls from people from all over the country as well as a host from all over the world. The 40 student temps working the phones started taking phone calls at 7 in the morning and took their places alongside the specialist tutors from each specific subject, and the administrative staff.

On the first day of clearing Brunel received over 5,000 calls over 10 hours, and was lucky enough to accept hundreds of additional students along with the students already accepted by the University. A-level results throughout Britain this year have dropped, yet for many subjects Brunel continues to rise in the league tables, such as the English BA Honours Programme rising to be ranked 6th in the country (within the Guardian University league tables) ensuring we still have demanding standards.

On the first day of clearing alone Brunel managed to offer over 300 people places on various courses at university. A-level results day is an emotional day for many people, whether for the good or bad, and the students, tutors and administrative staff deal with a large range of calls from people in many different situations. Unfortunately every year, due to the high standards, many people are unsuccessful in their pleas to attend the institution - now ranked 25th in the country for student satisfaction - with one of the highest student satisfaction rates in London only beaten by two other universities. But alongside the sad phone calls received by the call centre there are a number of very excited calls and some bizarre ones. Brunel clearing call centre stayed open for a week after A-level results, whilst administration staff worked tirelessly for weeks before and after in order to get as many people as possible ready for their university experience.

Here are some of the call centre’s favourite quotes:

"I got an A in my A-level. A for echo" (we use the NATO phonetic alphabet in order to be clear on the grades which people have achieved yet this embed to confuse one person who rang in). Erica Wilson

"Can I speak to Tim?" Aidan Milan

"If you were in front of me I swear I'd hug you" Aidan Milan

"Brunel has always been my first choice" Chloe Sizer

"Wait is this not Coventry?" Rowan Frewin

"I know you must hear this a lot but you have genuinely just made my day" Rowan Frewin

"I got a U at AS if that helps?" Stefan Knap

"I got accepted into Roehampton but wanted to check out other options and obviously Brunel is way better than Roehampton" Erica Wilson