I was lucky enough to attend Brunel Comedy Society’s Open Mic Night for Comic Relief last week and had the opportunity live tweet for the society’s twitter page. Having never been to see live stand up comedy before, I was a little unsure of what to expect and couldn’t really predict just how funny these students could be. Fortunately, I was astounded by the talent that the society had to offer.

Host Andy Field was on his game all night, and had the audience in stitches all evening. The first act of the night, Jordan Friend, was a great start with his childhood story on how he was chased by a pack of rice pudding! I was very impressed with Jonny Knight and his props as well as with Andreas Paspatis and the jokes that made fun of his Greek accent. Making fun of yourself always shows that you’re a great sport and up for a laugh. Monkey Mac showed us their musical talents in their song about Alan Titchmarsh. Songwriting shows talent within itself and so writing songs that are funny makes me pretty jealous!

Sunny Dent Maremanda’s Bill Cosby jokes could have been controversial but he hit the nail on the head, sending everyone into hysterics with his impressions and he was crowned the winner of the night! All in all, everyone showcased their talent immensely, and I could see that everyone was having a great night, myself included. Plenty of funny for a good cause, can’t complain about that.