Brunel Dance Club performed their last show called: Best of British, the performance opened at the Howell for three nights running.

The show kicked off with a fantastic tap dance to English-born Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk. Music and dance styles clashed with a typical British eccentricity including belly dancing to the Rolling Stones and pole dancing to the theme tunes from Emmerdale and Countdown.

The biggest cheers of the night were reserved for Brunel Men’s Football who performed a risqué striptease which ended with them onstage dressed in naught but their jockstraps. There were a few minor choreography wobbles but overall it didn’t detract from the sense of overall enjoyment and the Brunel Dance Club should be proud with what they’ve achieved.

I managed to catch up with two members, Tara, an MA Creative Writing student and Katijah, studying BA Games Design, before their final performance.

Alexander: Just what is dance?

Tara: Dancing is a sequence of movements that are showing emotions and every dance has its own story. Katijah: Dance is a fun way to keep fit and get to know yourself better. It’s an art form which facilitates expression and enables you to push your boundaries.

A: Had you done much dancing before joining the Dance Society?

K: Before this year I had strictly avoided dancing. I felt awkward and embarrassed and just hated the thought of dancing myself! Brunel Dance Society is a club that welcomes anyone interested in learning dance! It gives students an opportunity to gain confidence, develop dancing skills, socialise and, if they like, work towards shows and competitions. In general it’s just great fun!

T: I’ve been in and out of dancing for years. I started dance at the age of seven, jazz was my first style. I have such a passion for dancing and performing on stage and I love working with other talented dancers in different styles. I love all the Brunel dancers - there is so much talent here and I have enjoyed being a part of this performance.

A: Have rehearsals for the show been hard?

T: I found they have been fun, and rehearsals have been a challenge, but I always stand behind dancers who are better than me to improve!

K: Not even a little. We didn't feel pressured or rushed. It was challenging at times but mostly just a whole lot of fun!

A: It’s your final show tonight – have a lot of the early nerves gone?

K: Not exactly. I would say I feel a lot better about performing now which is a shame because it’s all over now! I feel more confident but it’s still scary because there seems to be a bigger audience every night plus there are different people to embarrass myself in front of!

T: No, not for me! I’m still scared because it's the last night so there’s more pressure and you can never be too good at dancing!

A: What would you say to people still unsure about whether to take up dancing here at Brunel?

K: At least try it! It would be unlikely there isn't one type of dance you won't absolutely love and end up taking more seriously than your dissertation! If I knew about the variety and how fun dancing could be I would have joined in first year.

T: Just try it! Let yourself go and have fun - it's also the quickest way to lose weight!