Brunel Futsal has once again battled their way to be crowned champions, for the third time, of the Premier South Eastern league.
The league started off as a repeat of last year due to drawing away to Brighton University 5-5. The following week our 1st team travelled to Hertfordshire University which resulted in a 12-5 win, after this Brunel was delayed a few games due to cancellations from other universities which slowed down the momentum of the team and fight to win the league.
The next game was against Brunel’s main competition in the league, Essex University. The atmosphere at this game was outstanding and the battle between the two teams kept everyone on their toes.

futsal photo 2 CREDIT brunel futsal
Brunel finally battled through after having some sloppy spells during the game and earned 3 key points after a 6-5 win. We knew this was a huge win for us and we had to play Essex away and get the 3 points again. This was a tough game as from our previous performance Essex could see themselves as possible favourites to win.
In the first minute of the game Brunel were stunned by losing Renato Gomes due to a knee injury which has caused him to be out for several weeks, Essex took advantage of this and were 4-1 up at half time.
A firm talk from our coach Janio Cruz and Captain Pouria Barvand fired up the team to fight for the game and come away with a 5-4 win after Furmaan Khan got the winning goal with minutes to go.


We had two more games to play which were St Mary’s and Hertfordshire at home, we all knew these two wins would win us the league and we were aiming to be top seed which would put us in the best position for the play offs.
After a sloppy first half vs St Mary’s we finished the game off with an 8-2 win. The vibe within the team in the last game was incredible, motivation was high and everyone was bonding well, we were told by our coach Janio Cruz to most importantly win this game but enjoy it at the same time.
Although we made the game tougher than we needed to, the boys enjoyed their last game of the league and were happy to be crowned league champions once again. The futsal team is still undefeated and look to continue their winning streak with a total of 20 games played, 18 wins, 2 draws and scored a total of 118 goals.
Also we want to thank all of the supporters who showed up and cheered us on through the games.

Jason Redwood