Brunel Jiu Jitsu’s year has exceeded even our wildest expectations. We had a rough year last year, having lost several instructors in quick succession, but we were determined to make up for it this time around. And boy, did we.
Our attendance has been through the roof even through the exam period, to the point where we can’t fit on the mats the university provides anymore. We have instructors who love and support us in everything we do, and a new committee that cannot wait to get to work. We train hard - in March, we brought back our first national gold medal in years.
We have also been actively trying to spread our good luck and energy throughout the university. This year we have actively taken part in every event offered to us, and have worked tirelessly to make life better for other martial arts clubs at Brunel through grassroots action, like making sure our training spaces are taken better care of by university staff.
We already have huge plans for next year, some of which we can’t disclose just yet. We will work on maintaining a larger campus presence and gaining more influence in university sports, and we’re not afraid to dream big. If rugby and basketball can attain borderline institutional status at Brunel, why couldn’t jiu jitsu?