Leon Evans Vice, President of Community Welfare, turns into Jamie Oliver teaching students the craft of cooking in his new pilot project, Let’s Cook, launched in October.

The project consisted of two parts, the first being kitchen invasions, where students nominated their housemate, or themselves, allowing the Let’s Cook team to come and teach them how to cook healthy balanced meals for the whole flat and even did the washing up at the end.

The second part of the project took place in the Let’s Cook kitchen, where ten students were given the opportunity to cook with top guest chefs Ginacarlo Caldesi, Matt Dawson, Kate Caldesi and Paul Rankin who were invited to teach their culinary skills.

According to VP Leon Evans this project “is the first time anybody from across NUS has taken up a cooking initiative to this extent and I hope it's not the last.”

VP Leon Evans explained his reasons behind launching the saying that We have had many case studies in Brunel where students have seriously affected their health by having nowhere near a balanced diet, and for me, what you eat is the foundation of staying healthy. In my opinion even more so than playing sport and other exercises.”

On February 3rd, the Let’s Cook project had hosted their fourth chef event with the event being a Let’s Cook ‘Valentine Special, where couples were invited to learn how to cook by husband and wife chef duo Ginacarlo Caldesci and Kate Cadesci.

Mason Francois, who took part in the Valentine Special event said, “I thought the programme was really good for couples, giving them a chance to bond in an area they may never have done before together. The event allowed me and my partner to help each other on areas of cooking where we were not good. It was great proof of team work and that we could work well together”.

Joann Ishmael, who also took part in the Valentine Special said, “The best part for me was gaining the experience of cooking with a professional chef which was amazing and fun”.

To find out how more on the project and take part in the kitchen invasions and chef specials, visit and like their Facebook page's Cook