Nordic Soc

Yasmin Simsek
Have you always felt a little out of place? Do you have a certain fondness for ABBA? Is "Barbie Girl" just your jam? Are the girls from your country known for being incredibly beautiful? Do you drink a bit more than others? And is it often mead? Then you must be Nordic Or even if you're not, but find this way of living interesting and appealing, then come along to Nordic Society and live life Viking-style!


Joshua Connolly

The Brunel University History Society strives to promote student's interests in history, whether it is studied as a discipline or as a hobby. The Society provides both an academic and a social atmosphere to accommodate all members - whether they wish to engage in debates or enjoy reliving eras from long in our past, there has been events to provide something for everyone's tastes.

Drama Society

Becky Collins

This year, Drama Soc will be bigger and busier than ever with ongoing projects, such as a brand new radio show, original and scripted productions, online sketches, theatre trips, SO MANY workshops and more and more socials! This year it's our mission to get you involved. Alongside this, we run weekly workshops every Tuesday at 7:30, in Anton Artaud, Room 103 packed with games, activities, guest workshop leaders, lots of laughing, and post-workshop socials. So come along to our picnic during Freshers' week on the 17th in the John Crank Gardens, you might end up just as mad about Drama Soc as we are!

English Society

Eddie Leggatt

Want to meet new people, have a lot of fun, and explore the amazing variety of cultural opportunities London has to offer? With a series of trips from Comedy Clubs to West End cinema, passing through Drama in pubs, tiny gigs and spoken word poetry, the English Society has an event-filled year planned. Alongside this, we run a series of writing workshops, and can help you get involved with everything from Radio Brunel Sketches to writing plays for performance. Come along and meet some great people!


Live Music Society
Simon Fielding
Live Music Society (LMS) is the core of the live music scene at Brunel. It runs the annual Battle of the Bands event where participants - either bands or solo artists - compete for a cash prize.  The society also works closely with UBS Nightlife to bring some of the emerging talent from Britain’s live music scene to the university. LMS also works hard for musicians at Brunel by providing them with a means of connecting with one another. This allows them to collaborate and realise any musical projects they have.  If you are interested in live music, whether you want to take part or not, Live Music Society is for you!

Feminism Society

Olive Barton

Welcome to Brunel Feminism Society! We are a group dedicated to raising awareness about, and discussing feminist issues. What are feminist issues? That depends on who you ask! We welcome all people with differing views on issues that they consider to be feminist in nature; and those who aren't sure quite where an issue belongs. We aim to create a safe space within the university where people can talk about these issues and we welcome everyone from those who just want to know what feminism is about, to those who've identified as a feminist for years for a number of years; so join us and join the discussion! Join us on the 16th of October for a movie night where we’ll look at some of the most interesting female characters in film history and their development. 7PM, in the lecture centre.


Chris Rathore

Welcome to the Photography Society, Brunel. Learn from basics to advanced photography skills; sophisticate yourself with new techniques, ideas and tutorials. Create your own montage of amazing photographs amongst us. Enrich and inspire yourself and other by joining our society. Connect with us through our Facebook group and explore new friends, members, photos, articles, events and more.

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Fahima Patanker

We are a fun and friendly society. Our motto is “Inspiration for the generation” and by that we aim to share our appreciation of fashion through: “Outfit Ideas”, “Brunel Street Style” “Fashion Trend Alerts” via social media as well as tons of fashionable socials. Whether you're an aspiring fashion designer, regular fashion blogger or just a total shopaholic, the Brunel Fashion Society is the society for you. No matter what your style is; be it the latest high street trends, vintage chic or haute couture, we have something for everyone. We are a new society that plans to have regular socials where you can meet new people and make new friends! We aim to organize new exciting events such as Fashion movie nights, Christmas dinner, Brunel’s Fashion night out, The Brunel Fashion show and more…