With any university sport, a new season is bound to bring in a whole assortment of people new to the game, and Ultimate Frisbee is no different. After just a few weeks of training, Brunel’s Ultimate Frisbee team headed off to Southampton on the 11 – 12 October 2014 for the Skunks beginners and experienced tournaments. With one fresher’s team, one experienced team and most importantly, one social team, we were set for a very promising weekend, which started early on the Saturday morning.

In the Beginner’s tournament, we were up against Winchester for our first game. It was minorly chaotic and unfortunately, despite some frankly quite incredible cheering from the social team on the sidelines, we lost the 20 minute match by 1 point. However, after a short while (and lots of practice) we were all set and ready for our second game, which was against Bath II. Again the social team went above and beyond by far, this time to some avail and Brunel came out of that game with a victory.

Credit: Pip Abbey
Credit: Pip Abbey

Meanwhile the experienced team played their first two games, firstly against home team Southampton – whom they beat with a tidy 9-2 victory - and secondly against Rawhyde Revolver, where they again emerged with a 7-2 victory. Their third game put them against Bru-Steel (a team made up of Brunel Alumni), which caused some enormously overdramatic cheering from the supporting freshers and social teams, and they again won 7-2.

The third game of the beginners’ day was up against the home team, Southampton Skunks, and was possibly one of the friendliest games played all weekend, with a lot of good spirit and teamwork from both sides (including some fantastic plays from Brunel’s own). Again we came away with a hard fought win, putting us in great stead for our final game of the day against Sussex Mohawks.

This game was somewhat intimidating, as the Mohawks have a fantastic reputation as a team, but we went into it fighting, with the entirety of our social team cheering us on, and again came out with a win – putting us in second place overall in the tournament.

The second day was far more subdued as far as the social team was concerned, but the enthusiasm everyone had wasn’t dampened at all by the lack of sleep. We went into our first game of the day, again against Sussex Mohawks, to play for our place in the semi-final. It was a much harder match than the Saturday’s game, but we still came away with a victory, meaning we were guaranteed a top four victory.

Knowing this made our next game against Bath slightly more tense, and despite a lot of strong play; we sadly came away losing by one point, meaning we wouldn’t be playing in the final. We did however get a poetically circular end to our weekend, by playing Winchester once again in a fight for third. With our definitely victorious social team on the side-lines, this match was fun, well played and thoroughly entertaining. As the buzzer went at the end of 20 minutes, the score was tied on 4-4, bringing us to a sudden death. Nearly five minutes later, Winchester just managed to catch the disc in their end zone, meaning they claimed the bronze medal position and we finished comfortably in fourth.

Kicking off the day for the experienced team was a tough match against Southampton Skunks, which unfortunately resulted in a 4:3 defeat. From there they went to play national runners up, Sussex Mohawks, and in a game full of tough calls and impressive catches, they again were defeated 5:4. They finished up once again in a fight for seventh position against the one and only Bru-Steel. In possibly the most entertaining (and best supported thanks to the Social Team) match of the tournament, Brunel took seventh, winning 8-4, and pushing Bru-Steel back into eighth position overall.

So with the tournament done and dusted for us, the beginner’s team awarded their MVP (Most Valuable Player) award to Mark Gillespie (with him nominating Vince Zabaldica as MVP of the MVP) and the MIP (Most Improved Player) award went to Ellie Woolcott for the freshers. For the experienced team, captain Samuel Persaud was nominated MVP, and Andrew Lenton became the MIP for the tournament. The entire social team were nominated as MVP – as none were any less valuable than any others.

If you have any interest in joining Ultimate Frisbee at Brunel, they’re always happy to welcome new members. Search Brunel Ultimate on Facebook for training times and just pop along to a session. We’d especially welcome any female players, as we’d really love to get a women’s team up and running this year.