Panny Antoniou
The London University Series ended on Saturday 21st February with Brunel weightlifters finishing victorious overall and taking the prestigious title. They were competing against lifters from 11 other universities with over 60 athletes taking part. The three part competition was part of an informal introduction to the sport for amateurs organised by the national body for the sport British Weightlifting and their Regional Development Officer Rich Kite supporting by officials from the London and South East Region.
Tobias van Nes was successful in the men’s competition, scoring 42 points across all three legs. He beat opposition from Daniel English and Jamal Isaac-Shah who got second place, scoring 38 points apiece, despite only taking part in two of the three legs each.
Natasha Adams cruised to success in the female event, collecting 56 points over the three legs and taking the title of Series Champion. Brunelian Rachael Radman came in close second to Adams with 53 points and Kimberly Bateman came in third place, accumulating 36 points from two of the three events.
Brunel University won the competition overall and was crowned Top University in what was described as a “surprise win” by enthusiasts of the sport. Overall, the university gained 229 points, absolutely trouncing their second place opponents Middlesex University who gained just 182 points. University College London rounded off the top three with 155 points. Our rivals St. Marys were also demolished by Brunel athletes. The four time winners were surprise underperformers, only managing to finish in fourth place, far behind our own team.
St Mary’s had, however, a chance of still getting the bragging rights for weightlifting due to their home advantage when hosting the British Student Weightlifting Championships. Their athletes failed to capitalise coming third with 197 points, compared to Brunel’s incredibly impressive 222 points which won them the competition.
Brunel student Kristian McPhee was especially strong in the competition, coming first in the men’s 77kg category. There was further success for Brunel in the men’s 85kg category where Lewis Ridett narrowly defeated Imperial College London’s Liem Bui-Le by just 3kg. Ridett won the 150kg in the clean and jerk and 118kg in the snatch for a total of 268kg to Bui-Le’s 265kg.
These Brunel successes were further helped by Rachael Radman’s victory in the women’s 58kg category and Ryan Hambidge’s win in the men’s 62kg category. Furthmore, Patrick Maris another brunel student was also successful in the competition, taking away the bronze in the men’s 105kg category. The other Brunel students to compete on the day were Daniel Chipperfield and Ahsan Khan in the men’s 77kg category, Jack Bain, Lewis Date and Simonas Dubietis and Ryan Thrussell in the 85kg category, William Morgan in the Men’s 94kg category and Fontane Warde and Patrick Maris in the men’s 105kg category.
We would like to congratulate all who took part in both events and wish all members of the Brunel Weightlifting team every success in future competitions.