On September 10th the University announced their plans for more development on the Brunel website and through emails to staff, with the title: Our £150 million vision of the future. The news of this next step in the improvement has come after the council approved the University’s main plans, estimated to cost £150 million. This brings the total spent on the campus transformation to over £550 million.

The University have remained vague about what exactly they are planning; simply stating that it’s a ‘vision that improves facilities across teaching, learning, research and the student experience.’

In the last 15 years Brunel’s Uxbridge campus has changed dramatically, with the Eastern Gateway building and the new Kingston Lane entrance being two of the most notable.

There seems to be many changes happening this year, with the re-branding taking place throughout the summer and the formation of the three colleges. However this is not all the University has planned, with upcoming projects still in the review and planning stages. These include: ‘a state of the art teaching and learning centre, a new engineering complex and a new Sports, Health and Wellbeing Centre.’

With the campus changing rapidly and new plans underfoot, it will be interesting to see what the future of Brunel looks like.