COD is dying, Battlefield couldn't reach for the baton and then exploded into flames, Titanfall wasn't big enough; it’s all looking a bit Game of Thrones-y for the shooter market at the moment. Or is it? Well if you’re an adopter of the Xbox One, you might want to rejoice right now. Because he’s returned! The entire reason why first person shooters became the gargantuan money bag that they now are on consoles is coming back to stake its claim for the throne, and looking at the current climate coupled with the vastly improved fortunes of the Xbox One, it just might take back its seat.

On November 11th Halo: the Master chief Collection made its way onto Xbox with all new visuals, all four Halo games starring the Xbox icon, a new TV show produced by Ridley Scott, and over one hundred multiplayer maps. This is all for £40 mind you, £10 less than any new game out now. The sheer amount of content you get with this package for the price is almost unfathomable, and it’s not as if they’re offering lots of a poor product either. Halo always offered up so much quality. Excellent level design, ground-breaking multiplayer, blockbuster story, replayability, forge mode, custom games. I really can’t express to you how much you’re getting with one game, let alone four and a big budget TV series lobbed in for side salad.

The Xbox One has experienced a troubled launch; mainstream media has been almost unanimous for its support for the Playstation 4, but now, with the price difference gone, the games lineup and the monthly updates coming out, it’s really starting to turn the tide. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had 40% less people preordering it than last year’s effort and people are boycotting EA for its atrocious handling of Battlefield 4’s launch, which, 5 months afterwards, was still at odds. This could be a huge moment for Halo and indeed Xbox, as it rides the tide of enthusiasm from nostalgic players wanting to get back into the tower on ascension, or cross the bridge in that tank slewing any banshees, ghosts or wraiths that come into range. Halo is a franchise with a lot of soul, and Bungie might have messed up their new project, but I'm really looking to seeing if Halo can take back its place at the top because let’s face it, the competition has shown that the fight is far from finished.