Emma Taylor & Danielle Tysall-Blay
Brunel Blizzards had a great start to the year with a huge number of new talented individuals joining the team. However, having over 60% this year’s team being freshers that had never done cheerleading before meant there was a lot of work to do.
Throughout the year, we have been faced with a number of difficulties, from injuries, dropouts and even a stunting ban for a few weeks, that had a big impact on the teams progress. Nevertheless, the high level of commitment and dedication of both teams ensured our success.
Both pom and coed squad placed within the top 3 at national competitions, improving further on our results from last season. We also performed at varsity our most difficult routine to date, which we think you’ll agree was far more creative and exciting to watch than St Marys!
Our success of course would not have been achieved without our talented athletes and dedicated captains/co-chairmans Danielle Tysall-Blay and Sophie Doyle, who have been the driving force behind the teams.
Next year, we will continue to improve on performance and technique, recruiting even more freshers, with the aim to bring home the all important first place trophies from competitions.