Hristian Hristov

If you’re looking to try out a new sport at Brunel this year, or maybe dust of your old gloves and get back into it, look no further than Brunel University Boxing Club.

Brunel Boxing is an active, competitive sports club at the university. Training sessions are held three times a week where the experienced come to hone their abilities and the fitness seekers come to train. The club mainly consists of Brunel students but there has also been an increase in external members recently, making Brunel boxing increasingly diverse. We are open to all kinds of people and the atmosphere is friendly and active. The training sessions are intense, but they will improve stamina, durability, endurance, fitness levels and power. In my opinion, boxing is the oldest, most beautiful and most attractive sport to watch and participate in.

Training times for 2014-2015 are as follows:

Tuesday 8 – 11pm in the Exercise Studio
Thursday 8 – 11pm in the Exercise Studio
Saturday 11am – 2pm in the Exercise Studio

We’re not only a sports club though; we also have a regular schedule with a number of fun and entertaining socials events spread across the year that a lot of our current members get involved with.
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