It seems that some people don’t understand or realize exactly what Brunel Snow Club is about in terms of what we do. Therefore, what I want to do is try my best to fill you all in on what you could be getting yourselves involved in this coming year.

Brunel Snow Club is the club of choice for all people who love everything snow related. Now this is mainly skiing and snowboarding but of course snow is pretty awesome in general! Literally anyone from the university is welcome in Brunel’s Snow Club; no matter what their level of skill. Our aim is to grow both the club and the sport itself so even complete beginners are actively encouraged.

Throughout the academic year, our biggest activity is probably running lessons and sessions at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead. This is an indoor snow center, which has real snow rather than the rubber or carpet mats you’d find at outdoor slopes. These sessions usually begin with a taster at the beginning of the year, which was really successful with many beginners taking up lessons, and it also became a good recreational session for the experienced members. Later in the term we will be offering a package of lessons which will not only save you money but also be enough to prepare you for our annual winter tour.

Sport - Snow Club CREDIT Tim Dawkins

Alongside these lessons, we run recreational sessions for those who might just need to brush up a bit, or who just want to have a bit of fun throughout the term. Some weeks there will also be the opportunity to participate in freestyle sessions, also at Hemel Hempstead, where obstacles and jumps are placed on the slope and it generally leads to a great evening.

On the topic of freestyle; there are also events in which you can compete for the club and Brunel across the country. Again with these; as with all things the club does; it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before; or you’re already brilliant at it; you’re more than welcome to give it a go!
For more information on freestyle/racing please contact our club captain; Matt Townley via

In the past, you may not have seen much of the club other than these sessions and the Winter Trip. However this year, our Social Secretary Jack Cole is working hard to combat this, putting together a great social calendar which was kicked off with a band at the Fresher’s Pub Ski. This was a fun night; we were impressed with the turn out and hope to carry on with such social events in the future.

Some key dates to note are Fire Works Night and a Pre-Trip Social (where you can meet get to know everyone before the trip), our Christmas meal, the Winter Trip itself, and a number of others later in the year. At the end of the year there is also the Brunel Snow Club End of Year Boat Party to look forward to! This is an awesome party, on a boat on the Thames, followed by discounts on entry and drinks to one of Central’s major party hotspots.

It’s been mentioned numerous times, but this is some more information on the Brunel Snow Club Winter Tour. This year we’re going to one of the biggest resorts in the French Alps, Tignes. The trip will be running from 12-20 December 2014 and we’ll leave campus on the Friday evening on a coach and travel overnight. From there we’ll travel across France, via Dover, to the resort. We’ll be staying at one of the best hotels the resort has to offer, situated right beside the main ski lifts.

The cost of the trip is £369, which includes travel, accommodation and a six-day lift pass, as well as some deals on the resort. If you don’t have your own equipment, the hiring of such can be added to your package for an extra £60-80, depending on what equipment you are after. The company also provides the option to use its own winter sports insurance rather than you needing to get your own. There are also options to have a go at freestyle, off-Piste and racing skiing/boarding, and if you’re a beginner and feel you’d like more lessons you can do more on the trip itself.

It certainly looks to be an exciting year here at Brunel Snow Club, especially with how well the year has started and the amount of interest we’ve had already from both new and returning snow lovers! We’d love to see as many of you get involved in any way you’d like in the coming year.

In the mean time; if you’d like to join Brunel Snow Club you can sign up like all the other clubs via; where membership is only £20. Don’t forget you’ll also have to grab a sports federation card too.

Also get involved with the club straight away by getting onto our social media feeds:
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So if you love snow as much as we do we look forward to seeing you in the coming year;

Snowy Love,

Adam White
Brunel Snow Club Secretary
Aerospace Engineering Student