Danny Judge

Chants of 'Free Palestine' and 'Water not slaughter' erupted from Brunel University London's campus, as students protested against Coca-Cola's involvement in Green Week on Monday 9th February.

Students from the Friends of Palestine Society and Brunel Green Society took to the grounds of Brunel University London to protest against the Union of Brunel Students' (UBS) decision to invite Coca-Cola onto the campus to run an awareness campaign about recycling for Green Week.

Ali Milani, 21, Societies Guild Student Chair and International Politics student at Brunel, was leading the campaign.


He said: “Coca-Cola is complicit in holding the West Bank (of Palestine) captive. It is our duty to keep our campus free from despicable corporations.”

As the anti-coke protestors stood with their “Unthinkable Undrinkable” banner, a group of students gathered on the concourse to represent a ‘pro-coke’ stance and disagreed with the protest.

Members of Brunel Conservatives bought coke cans and handed out over 200 of them to students passing on the course.

Coca-Cola has faced many accusations since the 1960s over its support for Israel, leading to many accusing the company of being 'complicit' in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Coca-Cola's environmental track record has also been called into doubt in recent years after claims that the company has ruined water tables, flow, and quality in countries such as India and Mexico.

Brunel Politics and History student Ezra Walker, 18, said: “I can't believe that the student union has allowed a company with such a poor environmental track record, and who are complicit in Israel's terrorism in Palestine, to be on our campus.”

When questioned about the protests, Chief Executive Officer of UBS, Craig Lithgow refused to directly comment upon the Union's decision to invite Coca-Cola, saying: “We're always happy to support our students. They wanted to protest, so we helped them to do it peacefully.”

The representatives from Coca-Cola refused to comment and directed us to their environmental initiatives on www.coca-cola.co.uk/environment