Mehvish Maghribi

The Union has this year started working in partnership with Transport for London (TFL) to run the Ride around Uxbridge Cycle Days to promote a healthy sustainable lifestyle. The event, hosted by London by Bike team, supports first time riders and advises the experienced cyclists around selected cycle routes in Uxbridge to showcase the areas you can explore by cycle.

There are four scheduled rides this year. The first was held on the 24 February 2015 and students enjoyed themselves a lot that day and learning the ins and outs to safely cycling around London. The students were joined that day by your very own Union President, Martin Zaranikya and Volunteers Chair, Sonia Bhangu, who encouraged and motivated the students on the day through while enjoying the experience themselves! Another one was held at the end of March and there will be two more opportunities in May on the 9 and 19, 2015, make sure you sign up at

I am also proud to announce we are working on another environment initiative but with WestTran who are working with London by Cycle campaign to host a special cycle workshop and ride at our campus as well on the 23 March and 20 May 2015.

Make sure to come out and see them for free refreshments and to have a go on a bike! It will be an event on campus only at the quad next to the Union building. It is all in my aim to encourage the students at Brunel to adopt a sustainable lifestyle as it can be fun and easy! Plus it is good for you as cycling is a great form of exercise and a chance to travel great distances around our lovely town of Uxbridge.