By Pauldy Otermans

This year Brunel University was lit up in Diwali.

For the first time, the university experienced its very own Diwali event on campus. 11 societies set out to make history by creating a joint event that saw over 350 people in attendance. The event was thought of and co-hosted by student Dev Aditya; Students' Union international chair, Ranjeet Rathore and union vice president, Pauldy Otermans.

The event went from inception to execution in less than two weeks. The respective societies showed excellent character and commitment. Each society was given separate responsibilities and were also responsible for creating their own performance acts.

The evening was a colourful extravaganza with food served both before and after the main event, and a live DJ mixing tracks for all to dance to after the end of the performances. The event started with a dramatic speech from Mr. Aditya, followed by a grand religious Aarti (prayer) by the Krishna Consciousness Society.

There were also informative displays, talks and recitations from members of the Tech Society, Sikh Society and Postgraduate Society respectively.

In addiction, there were  a variety of dances and skits performed by the Hindu Society, Sri-Lankan Society, Indian Society, Malaysian Society, Bangladeshi Society, Asian Cultural Society and Pakistan Society. The evening also witnessed various songs and medleys performed by students in an excellent fashion.

The evening concluded with a 'thank you' message from Pauldy, which was followed by a feast and live music where hundreds of students joined the performers on the dance floor to celebrate the evening.

Mr. Aditya called this a very historic evening for Brunel and thanked everyone including the Union for their support and dedication for this event. Ranjeet Rathore expressed that he was “proud to organise the festival of lights with such diversity of cultures for the first time in the history of Brunel University".

All in all, this was a fantastic evening celebrating the eclectic community of Brunel and one from which other societies and future students can take inspiration from.