ElectionsAre you a candidate, or interested in covering these elections? Maybe you're a campaign manager, looking to give your candidate that little leg up - or perhaps you're just a politics boff, and want to know exactly what the candidates said in their Radio Brunel interviews. Heck, perhaps you just adore Bru-Media's high quality journalism and hard hitting questions such as "How far have you walked for chocolate?" and "Chrome, Firefox, Safari; Snog, Marry, Avoid?" Whatever the deal is, we've put together a resource that will tickle your pickle from here to elections Friday.

Every candidate, every interview, fully transcribed for your vicarious pleasure. Use them as you wish! We've done our utmost to be as accurate as possible in transcription, but we may have mis-transcribed a few things here or there. If you find anything to be inaccurate, please email media.chair@brunel.ac.uk and we will amend the transcript as soon as possible.

Ahmad Al Rifai
Ali Milani
Hannah Jones

Joshua Connolly
Shelley Ann Spooner
Yousef Abuhajar

Jayke Harrison
Marcus Stein
Mohammad Tarawenh

Aaron Lowman
Nicholas Crust

Michael Darlow
Muhammed Umair

RAG Chair
Joseph Hogan
Yasmin Simsek
Zara Canfield

Society Guild Chair
Ben Martin
Alexander Tyson *

Sports Fed Chair
Ti "Oti" Ojuyah

Entertainments Chair
Nick Humberstone

International Student's Chair
Radya Jemal Hussien

Media Association Chair
Becky Collins

Student Assembly Chair
Yohanna Sallberg

Student Trustee
Brian Rutendo Munyawarara
Ebony Wood
Mohamed Abdou
Mohammad Omar Ahmed

Volunteering Chair
Ashley Moyo
George Ojiako

Did not attend
Mehvish Maghribi
Kush Westwood
Rapheal Waller

To view more information on the manifesto, check out our Elections spread or take a look at Brunel Students.

*It should be noted that this candidate's transcript is being frantically searched for by our house elves, and will be uploaded as soon as possible. In the mean time, please follow the hyperlink to the Audio version of his or her radio interview.