Elections 2015


All three branches of Bru-Media are collaborating to offer comprehensive coverage of the Union of Brunel Students' Spring 2015 elections. We have put together an exclusive elections supplement, with candidate videos, radio interviews and written interviews with all UBS candidates, to bring you closer than ever before to the election and ensure complete coverage. Use these resources to understand who to vote for, why they deserve your vote, and ask the questions to want to ask.

For these elections we've created a digital edition of Le Nurb, bringing together all three branches of Bru-Media to create this very special supplement. Watch, listen to and read about all of the Spring Elections 2015 candidates using the plugin below.

Note: The audio and videos will automatically play when you open this supplement. We advise that you mute your YouTube player on the first page for easier navigation. If you're feeling brave, crank your speakers to 10 and just go for it.

We have exclusive Radio interviews with all of the candidates, to listen to them head to Radio Brunel.  

We've also helped created manifesto videos for all candidates, which can be found over at Video Brunel.

Get involved in the elections on Twitter under #UBSElections, lobby for your candidate, and ask the questions that need asking. Campaigning runs from Thursday 5th March at 7pm, through to Friday 13th 4pm  and you can vote online at www.brunelstudents.com/vote from midday Wednesday 11th until Friday 13th at 4pm.