Leon Evans, the Union’s Vice President of Community Welfare, has announced plans to install a ‘free printing’ machine in the Student Activities Reception.

The printer, provided by a company called AIWIP (All I Want Is Print), will be free to use but will print "subtle, relevant and unobtrusive" banner adverts on paper alongside users’ work. Students are able to print up to 100 pages per month for free.

AIWIP lists the University of Sussex Students' Union and UAL Students' Union as its current clients.

AIWIP Logo, via Twitter

Evans, who pledged to obtain free printing for students in his campaign manifesto in March 2014, has come under fire from students repeatedly over the pledge. At Student Assembly students questioned whether Evans’ pursuit of total online submissions of coursework was really fulfilling his manifesto pledge for free printing. Many commented that it was unlikely Evans would be able to secure such an expensive venture, and that he won his election for VPCW based on an unrealistic promise.


In a statement released to Le Nurb, Evans said:

Leon Evans, VPCW

One of my main manifesto points was around free printing, and after a lot of talks with the University as to how, we sourced a company named AIWIP or All I Want Is Print that shared that vision. They will be installing a free printing station on campus by September; between now and then we will be ironing out contract details. The printing station may not be suitable for hand-ins as it will have an advert at the bottom of the page. However, VP Academic Representation (Marcus Stein) and I have been working with the University all year, pushing for a switch to purely online submission apart from final year projects and dissertations. We are hoping to have [the printer] installed for June.

You can find out more about AIWIP, the company providing the free printing, here.

Kirsty Capes