Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kalymnos, Rock Climbing Destination For All

By Katerina Tiliakou When it comes to rock climbing, Kalymnos, the island of sponge divers, as it is widely known, does not need any introduction. Thousands...

Archery: Third Leg of SEAL in Imperial College London

The third leg of the SEAL (South East University Archery League) for Brunel University occurred on Sunday 12 February in Imperial College London. Brunel lined...

Getting to Know Brunel’s Sport Clubs: Brunel Cycling and Triathlon Club

As a sport-focused university, it seemed right to begin a series of articles where students can familiarise with each of the Sport Clubs that are...

Redefining Injustice- Brunel Amnesty Group

By Zainab Khan and Sophia Chiappa  Injustice is a word that has unfortunately entered our daily vocabulary due to its sheer prominence. Everything we see...

Things to Do: London in December

By Alice Penwill London is a beautiful and amazing city all year-round, but it becomes truly magical at Christmas and there is just no better...

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