Monday, February 27, 2017

Mr Underestimated: Welcome to Trumpland!

So it happened. Social media has cried out, as did the protestors up and down the cities of the world. Donald Trump will be...

The Story Behind Remembrance Day

By Sophia Chiappa November 13th is Remembrance Day, celebrated since the end of World War One in honour of those who lost their lives. Today...

Unlikely Heroes: The White Helmets Who Are They And How Can You Help?

If you read the news, watch the TV or scroll through social media you can’t help avoid the stream of footage and photographs coming...

10 people you didn’t know were Brunel Alumni

Big names such as Lee Mack and Jo Brand – who feature heavily on the BBC in various shows – are known by many students to be Brunel alumni. However, there are so many incredible and noteworthy alumni from Brunel that people just don’t know about.

Somewhere Out There: Journeying with Refugees

The current, ongoing refugee crisis is clearly an extremely complicated affair. Thus, ‘Somewhere Out There’, a documentation of the plight of refugees,regularly updating their experiences on their Facebook page, the experiences they report make the situation very real.

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