As summer draws to an end and a new term begins we can all expect to start settling down into the Uni way of life. Crazy nights out, hectic socials and a pretty hefty workload to top it all off.

But let's not forget what a fantastic festival season we have had this year and for metalheads what an awesome year Donington's legendary Download Festival has been. With huge headliners Slipknot, Muse and Kiss rocking the weekend, Downloaders were part of one of the most awesome years yet.

Download festival is home to not only some of rocks biggest faces but also a huge variety of underground bands and those slowly but surely making their way to the big time. Festival goers can expect to see tons of artists in every sub genre of rock. Download 2015 housed several unusual bands, including electronic punk outfit, Modestep, who powered through a chaotic and enigmatic set on the Zippo Encore Stage on the Friday. The drum and bass rockers may seem to be an unlikely choice to play a festival such as Download but their frantic set saw a heated mass of bodies convulsing to the beats just as hard to that of any Slayer concert. Certainly a differing sound for Download but enjoyed by many nonetheless.

And as Friday rocked into Saturday, the Zippo Encore Stage saw yet another unusual performance. One which can only be described as 'Cello Metal.' Apocalyptica, a four piece band from Helsinki, Finland, surprised Downloader's with their unique twist on modern metal. Apocalyptica consist of three cellists, a drummer and vocals that create a haunting and symphonic sound. Many were taken aback by the 'strange' line-up but who needs guitars to be totally rocking?!

The Sunday of Download 2015 had a huge classic line-up with the likes of Billy Idol, Mötley Crüe and Slash taking over the main stage. But as many fans of Britain's biggest rock festival would agree, you can always find a hidden gem in one of Download's many smaller tents. The Pepsi Max Stage was home to some of the UK's more bizarre bands this Download, including the notorious Evil Scarecrow, who's shows always seem to feature giant crustaceans and robots! A sea of fans 'scuttling' to Evil Scarecrow's 'Crabulon' was certainly something to marvel at. Slow motion mosh pits and conga lines added a great comical element to the set and although the Nottingham outfit could be seen as a little odd they were totally worth checking out.

This summer has been a pioneer for great festival line-ups with Download definitively hitting a top note. It's impossible to escape the sense of community that this festival creates even in the mud and rain. One thing is for sure, Download will always be one of the greatest and most diverse rock festivals of our time!