I decided to look up the trailer of Lucy, which mainly showed images of Scarlet Johansson being thrown around a room, killing people and if I’m honest, looking pretty kick-ass. So after that, I decided it was a must see.

Lucy is the latest film by director Luc Bennson, which involves Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) unlocking all of her brains potential (of course with added drugs). The film echo’s 2011’s Limitless which sees a man take a drug which essentially turns him into a superhuman.

The film begins with Lucy, an American student becoming a drug mule for a brutal Korean gang, however the drugs (after being sewn inside her body) begin to leek into her bloodstream. Now might be a good opportunity to tell you that this is no ordinary drug, this drug is capable of unlocking all of your brains potential (breaking the myth that we currently use only 10%). Bennson wants his audience to ask themselves, if we could use more of our brain, how would we use it and would it give us enhanced abilities?

Scarlet Johansson takes the entire spotlight, outshining her other actors by far (though Morgan Freeman does make a great neuroscientist). Johansson hooks the viewer into caring about Lucy; you want her to succeed after having viewed her transition into relatable human just trying to get by, into cold, superhuman killer.

Of course the plot is entirely ridiculous but I assure you, if you just ‘roll’ with it eventually you start to enjoy watching Lucy kick-a** against the evil Korean gang. Mike McCahil from The Guardian labeled this film ‘silly but eccentric’ and I quite agree, the abstract, bizarreness of the situation becomes enjoyable (and in some cases hilarious) which drives the film throughout. Bennson creates a world, which is very easy to get lost in once you begin to root for Lucy.

If you’re one of those people that find it difficult to get past eccentric, nonsensical plots that incorporate ‘bad science’ I would give Lucy a miss. On the other hand, if you like sci-fi, action (including a number of cliché car chase scenes centered around Paris) and a hot female lead then you will definitely enjoy this film.