By Hannah Jones

On Saturday the 28th of March, the first ever Societies and Media Awards evening took place. A Societies awards evening has been a long time coming, and when there was interest to host a media awards evening too, it seemed like natural fit to celebrate both of these activities together.

Upon entering the venue, the live band Nuclear Banker performed for the guests as well as being presented with a photo reel on the main 11083821_726948987403213_1260091220370370196_oscreen. The evening began with an introduction speech from both Societies Guild chair, Ali Milani and Media chair, Kirsty Capes; followed by a hot buffet.

The presentation of the awards began; the societies guild chair, the media chair, members of the societies guild committee, the media association committee, the Vice President Student Activities, Hannah Jones and President, Martin Zaranyika presented the awards.

The first awards and winners announced were: Academic Society of the Year - History; Le Nurb Article of the Year - Hillingdon Council: Let Us Vote!" by Adam Feneley; Political, Campaigning, and Causes Society of the Year – LINKS; Radio Show of the Year – The Gentleman; Faith, Belief, and World View Society of the Year – Islamic Society; Video Brunel Video of the Year – Freshers’ Fayre; Cultural Society of the Year – Deaf Society; Le Nurb Journalist of the Year - Arthe Kandeepan.

11008521_726955554069223_7852363325852161448_oTo break the evening up, the comedy society prepared a performance for attendees which had mixed reviews but was hilarious all the same! After the performance, more awards were announced:  General Society of the Year – Circus; Radio Brunel Individual Broadcast of the Year - UBS Officers' Question Time; Most Charitable Society of the Year - Photography & Volunteer Society of the Year – Islamic; Video Brunel Editor of Year – Karishma Chavda; Best New Society of the Year – Marrow; Le Nurb Editor of the Year - Victoria Sanusi; Committee of the Year – Comedy; Radio Brunel Committee Member of the Year – Ellis Davies; Society Person of the Year – Joshua Connelly and Video Brunel Videographer of the Year – Alice Morris.

Before the final two awards were announced, the Musical Theatre society sang 'Seasons of Love from the musical Rent.'

To finish the evening off, the final awards and winners declared were Society of the Year – Photography and Student Media Person of the Year – Victoria Sanusi.

After months of planning and deciding on a venue, food, entertainment and the winners – the event was a great success and we look forward to making this an annual event to continue into the future.