There are bound to be people (and one or two home comforts) you’ll miss now that you’ve moved away to university. But being away from home and trying to be independent isn’t all bad! And here are the 5 points I have to prove it:

Number 1 - You can eat whatever you want without your parents nagging!

Think about it. How many times have you tried eating chocolate spread right from the jar and seen your mum with a judgemental look on her face? Or how often you decided to eat only your favourite part of the certain dish and someone would say: “Why not eat your broccoli too?!” As if you’re not in fact 20 years old, and are therefore incapable of figuring out for yourself what and how much you want to eat. I can truly say I hate it when people pay special attention to what I eat.

Number 2 - You can stay up late and go out whenever you want, without somebody staying up just to know when you are back and get mad because they had to wait up

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I hate the questions my father asks in the morning:  “Oh what time did you go to bed last night? … Seriously? Why? It is not healthy. Tonight you should go to bed early.” It is ridiculous! I do not plan to retire anytime soon, I am barely twenty, and I feel like a twelve year old most of the time. Of course I know it’s not healthy, but I want to have fun as well. When you move out, and your parents can no longer use their sensitive sensors that can somehow always tell when you’re late home, you’ll greatly appreciate it.

Credit: introducing ruby

Number 3 - No one will be reminding you constantly to clean your room

The nagging alone was enough to make me want to move out. Even if everything is so clean I could lick the floors, it’s never perfect. I have the desire to clean it from time to time, but to my mum it is never good enough, and after 19 years of living with her I know she won’t change her opinion about my “messy room”. Maybe it’s not perfect, but I know where everything is!

 Number 4 - Not having to put up with all the criticism

Unfortunately, living with someone always leads to this. I know my parents love me and they’re telling me how to do things for my own good, but still I cannot stand the constant criticism of the way I dress, or the places I go, the way I decide to arrange my wardrobe or how much sugar I put in my coffee… I love them too, but sometimes parents just don’t know when they cross the line. After all, I’m not a toddler anymore.

Number 5 - The best thing of course! When you return home you feel much more loved and everybody is so happy to see you that you just melt inside.

I assure you that once you’re back, having been away from home for three months or so, your home will feel cosier than ever. Your mother will cook some of your favourite meals, will not remind you to wash the dishes and sometimes she will even make your bed without complaining. Your dad will not make big deal of you going out and coming back at 4am You will be trusted and looked upon as a more dependable and interesting person. You’ll have things to brag about, you’ll be able to explain the places you visited and impress your family with knowledge and stories from your new life. And I can tell you if your parents are anything like mine, you will be hugged and kissed more than you have ever used to be.