Free Office Finder, a company which specializes in finding spaces for business, in particular
start up businesses is holding a competition to find some of the next big entrepreneurs.
All they are asking for is 500 words explaining why your company could be the next
big thing, and what makes you different from other business students. Simply prove why
you are in business and why someone should invest in you.

Free Office Finder is itself a start up company, built from the ground in the last 13
years. Started by their MD Nick Riesel, as part of the competition prize he will be giving you
tips and advice on how to make your company successful. A fantastic opportunity as he
understands the challenges of starting your own business first hand.

The lucky winner will receive £5000 worth of business mentoring as well as three
months of free office space in the buzzing heart of Central London over the summer. On top
of this they will gain access to Prime London for three months, where you will be able to
launch your business plan. Giving you an ideal setting for your start-up!

If you are interested, just send your 500 word piece to

Good Luck!