George Ezra


For ages I pondered what to listen to when I finally stumbled across George Ezra in the UK Top 40. I had been meaning to listen to his album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ and had been pestered for even longer by my housemate to do so.

So I finally decided to listen to this album and I’m so glad I did; this album was one of the best sounds that has ever reached my ears. His voice is without doubt one of the most captivating and compelling that I have ever come across. For many, the first song they came across was probably Budapest (Track 2 on the album) this was released June 2014. It soon became everyone’s summer anthem and Ezra’s deep voice mixes so well with the light cheerful tone of the song it’s hard not to love.

However I think, like many people, I was expecting him to be a one hit wonder but he was soon to release 4 more hit songs. Surprisingly, none of the songs on his album got to number one. Though he has not had many number ones, this album is not lacking in amazing musical quality. Other than the singles such as ‘Budapest’, ‘Listen to the Man’, ‘Cassy O’ etc this album is full of great possible singles. The two songs that stuck out for me were ‘Leaving it up to You’ and ‘Barcelona’. These are two slow songs but they have a lot of emotion.

He has a very versatile voice and this album really takes advantage of that, there are dark songs like ‘Did you Hear The Rain’ and ‘Its Just My Skin’ which are mellow and powerful. Then there are songs like ‘Song 6’ (ironically not the sixth song on the album) and ‘Drawing Board’, which have the summery, playful aspect that the previous songs encompass.

What George Ezra has achieved is a hybrid of folk and blues music which now slowly is becoming popular in mainstream music. I have no doubt that he continue making such great music, however I do wonder if he will be as famous as he is now when releasing another album.