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Hannah Jones

Now that your year of partying as a Fresher and not doing any work is over, why
not get involved in all the extra-curricular excitement that the Union of Brunel
Students’ has to offer? The Union is a non-profit organisation that is here for the
benefit of Brunel students, to ensure our students gain access to valuable personal skills
and experiences outside of the academic framework, whether it be through media,
sports clubs or societies.

The Union currently has 50 Sport Clubs and 109 Societies. There is such a wide
variety of sports and societies so you’re bound to find something you like. However, if there
isn’t anything that takes your fancy, you can set up and run your own club or society.
You can join any sports club you want at Fresher’s Fayre or online via our website,
www.brunelstudents.com. The only requirement is that you buy a Sports Federation
membership, costing £22.50 for the year, which acts as your insurance for any club you join,
and then purchase the clubs standard membership, which allows you access to training,
coaching and social events. Some sports clubs have an additional team membership but you
can find more information about this on the website.

The Union has a huge range of societies, which we split into five categories:
Academic; Faith, Belief, and Worldview; Cultural; Political, Campaigning and Causes;
General Interest. Similar to sports clubs, you can join any society at Fresher’s Fayre or
online. Over half of our societies have free membership and are a great way to meet people
with similar interests and get involved in what the union has to offer, all while making the
most out of your university experience.

Other ways you can get involved and do something more than just your degree is by
raising money for charity. RAG, which stands for Raise and Give, is responsible for all
charity work done with the Union of Brunel Students. RAG is about offering every single
student the chance to raise money & have fun, all in the name of charity and it is a fantastic
way to engage with new people, try new things, and really make a difference to the lives of
those less fortunate!

The Union has its very own Student Led media, which consists of Radio, Video and a
Newspaper along with a media hub website: www.bru-media.co.uk. This is all run by the
students, for the students and is a great way to report about something other than your degree.

Le Nurb is the Union’s official newspaper, the one you are reading now! Any student
can apply for editorial or design positions or submit articles or content. Le Nurb has four
main sections that it writes about: News, Features, Culture and Sport.
Radio Brunel is a fully student run radio station. They broadcast over the internet to
thousands of students and staff at Brunel and across the world, delivering a diverse range of
content such as different musical genres and intellectual broadcasting for listeners. You can
get involved and have your very own radio show, just email media.chair@brunel.ac.uk for
more information!

Video Brunel is the newest addition to Student Media at Brunel; it’s a free and open
platform for students to gain experience creating and presenting videos of events at both the
Union and University.

Want to make a difference for your course?

Student Reps are elected by you to represent your views and push for change that will
improve your academic course at Brunel. They help with academic issues at module, course,
and department level, and give you information on how to resolve any other problems you
may have. You can simply nominate yourself to be a Student Rep if you’re interested!
Nominations open in Fresher’s week and Elections take place in October.

Want to be at the heart of all major decision making to do with YOUR Union?

Student Assembly is something any student can get involved in. It is the Union's main
decision-making body. It creates and oversees our guiding policies, holds the Student
Officers to account, and is involved in Union campaigns and development. Meetings are held
on the last Thursday of each month during term time and all students can attend, but only
Members can vote on decisions at them. You can become a member of student assembly by
nominating yourself in the autumn elections! The members of Student assembly are: the four
Officers and ten Student Chairs - all elected every Spring, one student rep per academic
department elected every autumn and 20 Community Members from the student body at
large, elected every autumn. So if this is for you, become a student rep or a student assembly
member in the upcoming elections!

Campaigns this year!

This year the Officers; Martin, Hannah, Marcus and Leon, along with the Student
Chairs (Sports Federation Chair, RAG Chair, Media Chair, Societies Guild Chair,
Environmental Chair, Campaigns Chair, Equality and Diversity Chair, Postgraduates Chair,
Volunteering Chair and World Students Chair) will campaign on a variety of issues that
represent the student’s views.

The student leadership team and the student body have campaigned in the past for
changes such as lobbying the University for Podcast Lectures, fighting an increase in
accommodation fees and joining national campaigns against cuts to higher education.
Another way that you can get involved in all this is by joining the working groups of
these chairs: Environmental chair, Campaigns chair, Volunteer chair and World Students
chair. Every year these chairs need students to join their working groups to help shape and
deliver campaigns throughout the year. So look out for them at Fresher’s Fayre or contact
them via email. All their details are online!


The Union runs a variety of events for its members throughout the year, so here are a
few to look out for: Fresher’s week, Alcohol & Drug Awareness Week, Green Week, One
World Week, Community Action Week, Earth hour, Christmas Market, Housing Fayres,
Superbowl, Sports Federation Ball, Varsity, RAG Week and so much more.
And finally, we have something HUGE planned for the end of exams, so watch out!