The Maine, a rock band from Tempe, Arizona, extended their 8123 tour to Europe in support of the release of their newest album Forever Halloween.  On 9 October, The Maine, for their ninth time visiting the UK, filled up Camden's Electric Ballroom.

The Electric Ballroom, when it's not occupied by Saturday night club goers, plays host to bands from all over the globe. Despite the drinks being slightly watered down and the bathroom being occupied by a woman singing and selling deodorant, and no I am not lying, the Electric Ballroom remains to be one of my favourite venues.

Before I dive in and tell you about how truly awesome The Maine were, what kind of show would it be without its warm-up acts. First off, Nick Santino, ex-frontman for A Rocket to the Moon, took to the stage. His alternative rock/country style of music was a big hit with the fans; so much so that I immediately bought his newest album Big Skies from the merch table. Next on stage was Lydia, a fellow Arizona based band. Before this show I hadn't really listened to their music, but after that night all has changed. They really got the audience pumped for what was to come.

Having already seen The Maine on numerous occasions I knew what to expect and, as always, I was not disappointed. The band played an extremely long setlist full of songs from each of their albums, including my personal favourites: Right Girl and Some Days. They even gave us a small cover of Sir Mixalot's I Like Big Butts, and there is no chance on this Earth that you can truthfully tell me that you don't know all the words to that song. During the show John O'Callaghan, the band's lead singer, urged everyone to put their phones away and to live in the present. Something I feel everyone should take note on. Yes, even you.

Despite being on a strict schedule, and being urged by their manager to get back on the bus, the band members and their warm-up acts took to the freezing cold to meet all their fans. Now that's dedication.

Their UK leg of the tour has sadly come to an end, but don't fret, The Maine will be back to the UK next year following the release of their fifth album. I, for one, can't wait.