Brunel students have voted to pass a proposed governance re-structure after a three-week period of referendum campaigning and two weeks of voting.

Students were asked, "Do you support the proposed new democratic structure of the Union of Brunel Students?"

653 voted 'Yes'.

204 voted 'No'.

13 voted to abstain.

The vote required a two-thirds majority to vote yes in order for the proposal to pass. 870 votes were counted, which meant a minimum of 580 votes were required for the referendum to pass. It passed by 73 votes.

The results come after three weeks of campaigning from YES and NO campaign teams, who both launched websites, campaigned on campus and put up posters encouraging students to vote either yes or no.

Many members of the Student Leadership Team were involved in campaigning, with the four sabbatical officers campaigning for the YES side, and many of the Union Chairs campaigning for the NO side.

You can find out more about the new governance structure here.

Tonight the results of the Winter Elections were also announced. The results are as follows:

Student Assembly Community Members

Nathan Bawuah

George Bowden

Jo Cassidy

Summer Chow

Jolin Cole

Martina Palomba

Yasmin Simsek

Alice Bennett

Nikita Quartey


Assembly rep for CBASS

Danielle Barwick

Assembly rep for CHLS

Edwina Wuku

Postgraduate Research Rep for CEDPS

Ahmad Al Rifai