Now, you know that when you leave Brunel you receive a degree based on your academic performance.  However, you also receive at graduation the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) which encourages universities to provide a well-rounded curriculum as well as opportunities for students to expand their curriculum vitae (CV) and all round experience of university. This report recognises the activities and roles students take on during their time at University on top of their studies, the UK believes it is vital students partake in extracurricular activities and opportunities offered by their University and Student Union so you can have it listed in your report if you were an officer for a society, received a volunteering award, worked for Brunel University, and more.  The full list is available on the Brunel University website and it is still being updated with various opportunities students can gain recognition.

One opportunity I would like to highlight is the Environmental Working Group, where you can gain a variety of experiences that will greatly enhance your CV.  Organisation and management of Green Week and One World Week activities, reviewing and implementing policies, research, campaigning, hands on activities, auditing areas of campus, gardening, and more!  The purpose of the group is to raise awareness of how broad the environment is as a subject area and how it applies to every aspect of our lives. The skills you will gain through working with the group this year will increase your employability through having a more ‘future-facing’ mindset, to think about the impact of our actions and being proactive in our preparations for the future through collective management and resourcefulness.

You can have your participation in the working group accredited as part of your HEAR diploma and record volunteering hours towards securing a volunteering award which will also be included in the HEAR.  The group will provide you the opportunity to meet lots of people in the Union and the University to run these activities and campaigns, as well as to increase your network for opportunities and experiences.  If you would like to know more about joining the Environmental Working Group, please email me, Mehvish, at or find me during Freshers Week, I’ll be around to answer any question that you may have about what the Working Group can offer you.
Best of luck and welcome to Brunel!