Students in Halls of Residences have been complaining that in some halls the heating has not yet been turned on.

As temperatures begin to drop, students have found themselves without heating or an explanation.

While heating was turned on across campus on Monday, some halls are still without. Le Nurb understands that this is due to some halls undergoing modification of their heating systems to accommodate an eTRV (electronic thermostatic radiator valve, or pressure release valve) which could save up to 25% on energy bills and reduce the University's carbon footprint. The eTRV, an "intelligent" heating valve, will only heat the room when it detects movement, hence reducing the energy consumption of heating unoccupied rooms.

When installing eTRVs the University found that there was a defect with some Halls' heating systems which needed to be modified. Heating cannot be turned on until modifications are complete. If heating is turned on beforehand, the system will be damaged further.

The eTRV is currently being trialed in ten Halls of Residence, and if successful may be trialed in more Halls in the future.

Photo by Chris Rathore
Photo by Chris Rathore

One student from Saltash Hall commented on Facebook, "I am unable to sit in my room and study at night due to the chilness from evening [sic]".

Below is a list of halls being trialed with eTRVs. All Halls being trialed with eTRV are expected to have the heating on by 23rd October.

  • Stockwell
  • Lacy
  • Michael Bevis
  • Stephen Bragg
  • Maurice Kogan
  • Central Hall
  • East Hall
  • Runnymede
  • Syd Urry
  • South Hall

Other Halls without heating will be turned on by the following dates:

  • Borough Road - 19/10
  • Maria Grey - 19/10
  • Lancaster - 19/10
  • Southwark - 19/10
  • Gordon - 22/10
  • Bishop - 22/10
  • Kilmorey - 22/10

UBS President Martin Zaranyika said,

"Whilst we understand the need to install energy saving solutions in Halls, more has to be done to ensure that these issues are flagged up way in advance so that students are not subjected to unacceptable conditions. This is something that I will be bringing up at the next Accommodation Meeting taking place on the 22nd October."

Le Nurb understands that affected students will receive an email by the end of today (Friday 17th) regarding the situation.