By Medhi Punjwani

On Saturday the 25th of April, a devastating earthquake struck Nepal. So far, the death toll has surpassed 6,000, with many still unaccounted for.

The latest report confirmed 6,260 deaths, with around 14,000 injured and thousands missing.

Students and staff at Brunel University are helping to gather support for Nepal, and the university’s Nepalese Society has set up a Go Fund Me page to collect money for those affected by the natural disaster.

The society will also be collecting food and medicine donations on campus.

Sajan Gurung from the Nepalese Society said: "We have been looking at helping the rural areas of Nepal such as Gurkha and Lamjung, as most of the other organisations and charities have already been supporting the capital city Kathmandu."

The link can be found here:

In addition to this, two academics from Brunel’s Health Economics Research Group, Subhash Pokhrel and Jeshika Singh, have set up a Just Giving site. The intention is for you to donate £3 and send the link to three (or more) friends to do the same, allowing the aid for Nepal to grow exponentially, and donations have been coming in from all over the world.

Subhash said: "What's happened in Nepal has been devastating and, while our own families over there have been fortunate, there are many who have suffered great loss. The earthquake has crippled the country and every help counts."

Jeshika added: "While thinking about where to send donations the first thought that came to mind was those who have become homeless, especially in rural areas where a typical village house is made of mud and wood. Rescuers are struggling to reach there so the actual loss is still unknown."

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