Shelly Spooner

It’s been a hard season for the women’s first hockey team, after losing so many crucial players due to graduating. However this hardship has been met with fight and commitment by all players, yet we all knew that this clash between the top of the table and the bottom of the table would be a hard match to play. The match started off well, with the defence being as solid as ever by breaking down play and preventing any possible shots on goal. However, this was soon to change as a result of a short corner being awarded to Kings. A strike from the right hand side enabled Kings to go 1-0 up. And things didn’t get much better after that. More shorts were awarded which resulted in another goal, a player being subbed off injured, resulting in two more subsequent goals. 4-0.
Half time came and went and the team spirit was still high, having known that this was going to be a tough match from the outset and the result thus far had was not as bad as expected. Although, little did we know that the second half was going to be gruelling. Short corner after short corner were being awarded to Kings, with our midfield constantly running to try and save the defence, and with another player off injured, the help was needed. Furthermore, a yellow card was awarded shortly after, meaning Brunel had only 9 players on the pitch. Even though only 1 goal was scored with 9 players on the pitch, the overall result was 8-0, which was a good score line in our eyes, due to many things not going our way in that match. Brunel are hoping to build on this and get a better result in the final match of the season against Kent.

The last game of the season had come upon the third team a lot quicker than expected, but they all wanted to ensure that there was a positive end to a not so positive season. With high spirits all round, the whole team were determined to, at the very least, enjoy this last game of the season, especially as for some it would be their last game at Brunel.
The match started off well, with Brunel mostly keeping possession and some skilful runs by Georgie Gregory and Yohanna Sallberg. However, Royal Holloway were persistent in their defence and responded by breaking through the middle of the pitch, only to be stopped by the amazing defence of Emma Arnold and Charlotte Bailey. With only 1 short corner in the first half, Brunel had managed to keep the score line at 0-0.
After an inspiring team talk by the captain, everyone was determined to go out there and win, knowing it was well within their ability to take the match. With excellent play by the whole team, Brunel were awarded with a goal from none other than Captain Abbie Parker. After this, the game was very even, as Brunel became slightly unfocused a result of the goal, however were determined not to give an easy goal as a result. Brunel got back into their stride and on the final whistle, the score was a clean 1-0, giving them the victory. Charlotte Bailey was awarded man of the match for her great performance at the back and Brunel’s thirds were happy to go out of this season on a high!