Shelly Spooner
This year has been a fantastic year for Brunel Hockey, due to high participation in events ran by the union. We have participated in Green Week, Be Brunel, Community Action Week, involvement in the spring elections and have raised £425 in the colourdash that was organised on campus. Being involved in union events has really got the club and our faces known around campus, showing we are a friendly and committed club. Our volunteering has increased significantly, with some members attending the volunteer awards dinner- our first year ever! Our performance hasn’t been as great as previous years due to having at least a third of the club graduating last year. However, this year is the first year in 4 years that our Women’s 2’s haven’t been relegated- so some positives to take from the year. Next year, most teams are in suitable leagues and should be able to stay in their leagues or even better, gain promotion!
Even though it is the end of the year, we still have so much to look forward to. The 15th May sees the beginning of our annual Alumni Weekend which is looking to be bigger and better than ever! Now we have a strong alumni base which has grown over the years, with the majority coming back to play in a tournament organised by our current committee. In addition to this, we have our end of season dinner on 17th May, which is the first dinner that has been a mixed event. Also, we will be supporting the Snow Club’s annual boat party as a club, as we do every year.
The end of this year sees Brunel Hockey closer than ever, with integration between the men and women better than it has been previously, through working closely together to ensure that we have a successful club. My hopes for next year is to increase membership levels and to make sure that players lost are replaced so that performance can be better. Also, I would like to see Brunel Hockey continuing to get involved in union events and to maintain the level of volunteering that has been achieved this year. As Chair of the club, I have been very proud to run the club this year and to see the commitment of all of the members and to see that their hard work has paid off to make a very successful year for the club.