We are so pleased to announce the arrival of our second travel & lifestyle supplement; Holdall. Better yet, we've been shortlisted for not one, but THREE awards at the Student Publication Association (SPA) Awards including Best New Publication, Best Specialist Publication and Best Design. A huge thank you to everyone involved.

In our second issue we’ve had a face lift (no creative energy was hurt during this process.) Hours were spent in editing suites altering images to ensure the spirit, freedom and escapism of travel sprung from every turn of the page. With stops in the contagious party capital Rio conflicting with the traditional tranquility of Kyoto, hikes in the Colombian hills married with escapes to Canadian’s national parks; this issue sets to entice that need to getaway, flyaway and flee to all four corners of the globe. Making moments that go beyond the material, we'll race you to fill up your passport stamps before us...

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We want Holdall to hold hands across the world so are happily accepting submissions. Email article pitches or full submissions to 1536832@my.brunel.ac.uk