In early November Brunel’s new Chief Information Officer Adrian Ridpath and the
computer centre team held an open house for students to come and talk about IT on
Over seventy people turned up to tell them how the university were doing, and to
share their aspirations for Information and Technology at Brunel University London in the
future. Almost three hundred individual points of interest were revealed in a happy and
collaborative atmosphere, and Adrian’s team are already working on many aspects of the
wish list. Some highlights from the first look through the data revealed the following:
• IT services were praised in 37% of the comments (an average of 1.5 positive comments per
person: gratifyingly high, given that the focus of the event was on improvement).

• Wireless access was generally well received, but with some comments about slowness and
coverage gaps
(For some months, staff have been seeking out and rectifying as they are identified).

• Some students were unaware of the full range of resources, and were frustrated by their
(“Why is there a college print service as well as a University one?”).
• Blackboard Learn issues included the need for a timely updating of course material and the
need for better integration of messages and alerts with email.
• Timetabling — real-time updates were a big request (teachers’ input and personalised
notifications to students) in order to optimise students’ time and facility management.
The team are taking on board and acting on all areas of the feedback they received but
invite more suggestions. If you have burning desire to say what you want out of IT at Brunel,
be it more computers, a better range of software or more support for non windows machines,
then fill in the survey today at
The survey will be open until the end of term.