The world’s largest coupon market revealed in their latest research that students have already spent a staggering £2,115 before their course begins.

The poll consisted of 1,500 students and the combined cost of graduate and post-graduates spending habits tallied up to £1,096 on kit before moving to uni. The shocking figure comes from the money spent during fresher’s week alone where students splurge £1,019.

Of course, these figures do not apply to all students, but 67% of new and returning students admitted to relying on their maintenance loans or the bank of mum and dad. It seems that the average cost of alcohol on a night out averaged out at £200 over the course of a week and other expenses such as new clothes, came in second place at an average of £109. A generous £100 is spent on bar and club entries around London and an average £108.65 is spent on stocking up on food.

Anita Naik, Consumer Editor, said: “While it’s reported that university tuition fees are higher than ever, it’s surprising to see that students seem un-phased – spending over £1,200 kitting themselves out before fresher’s week even began. With a bit of forward planning, students can make the most of everything student life has to offer without breaking the bank.”

The research was carried out between 6th-20th August 2014 and figures are based on students living in London.