Words: Elisabeth Mahase | Photography: Chris Rathore

Inspired by the Facebook phenomenon Humans of New York (HONY), this feature showcases the Humans of Brunel. A diverse and cultured University, Brunel has some amazing people.


So in the style of the HONY creator, we took to the concourse with a camera and a voice recorder and started asking questions. Met with both curiosity and confusion, we spoke to a huge variety of people, many with interesting stories or quotes to share.

Picture 13


“I'm just here to see my boyfriend.”


Picture 1

“Today one of our design teachers said that we probably have worse lifestyle than a prisoner... live in a room smaller than a prison cell. It's like a prison. But a good prison. A designed prison.”

Picture 2



“To put it into context her character has a spear and is an Amazonian. We also have a man who is only wearing fur and is bear chested and can kill bears with his abs.”


Picture 3


“All my life I've been called subhuman, thank you Humans of Brunel for finally making me feel human.”


Picture 4


“Albert Einstein once said problem's cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that created them.”


Picture 5


“I get my style from Japan. I'm half Japanese.”


Picture 6


“What Countries are you guys from?”






Picture 7

“I commute from Bristol...This is the best course in the country. I do games design.”

“If you could design your favourite game what would it be?”

“Something about helping people. I hate the games with shooting in.”


Picture 8


“Without thought and without patience we are not going to have growth, growth in mind and growth in our souls.”


Picture 9


“I'm actually on placement here. I'm in the operations department over in the Eastern Gateway building.”

“How would you describe your time at Brunel?”

“It's been pretty amazing. Very different. A lot to learn and a lot to experience.”


Picture 11


“I'm a politics student...I wish someone would start an argument with the lecturer.”


Picture 10


“Make up a cool quote for me.”


Picture 12


“We're just here for an interview.”