On October 10th in Canterbury, a brand new indie games company “Domino Effect LTD” hosted a one day event to preview their work in progress title “Red Awakening” a 5v5 multiplayer horror stealth FPS title with a brutal execution system. I was lucky enough to spend some time at the event where I tried out the game for myself and spoke to the developers for an insight into how the game is shaping up. Bear in mind that Red Awakening is still very early in development so a lot could still change before release and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

The unique feature of the game is how stealth gameplay is integrated into everything you do - from wall jumps to executions every action you take puts you at risk of showing up on the enemy team’s radar. Gameplay is designed for 5v5 team combat in a high stealth version of counterstrike, taking down the enemy team without being noticed and whilst conserving your stamina and cloaking device energy is key to survival.

I asked the developers about how the game is shaping up and they had a lot to say about where they want to take the game in the future, mostly based on feedback they had from testers, including a professional Team Fortress 2 team who (after breaking the game in several places) had a lot to offer the team. Domino Effect will hopefully be showcasing Red Awakening at the Insomnia 53 event in Coventry for anyone who wants to try some hands-on testing.

“We had an e-sports team who really inspired us the cater the game towards competitive gameplay”

The company is developing for PC but hopes to have PS4 and Xbox One working shortly after release, so hopefully Red Awakening will be a game for fans on any modern system. One of my favourite features of Red Awakening will be the complete lack of heads-up-display, instead of having important information on the  screen it will be displayed on your character’s arm-mounted display screen, very Deadspace and very cool.

Whilst the team is keeping pretty tight lipped about the story that they’re crafting around the world of Red Awakening I was able to get a little information about what’s going on. The game is set in the 80’s with the teams being made up of characters from the USA and USSR pitted against each other in a high-tech crazy death-match fuelled by mind altering and body empowering drugs. The only character that I was able to see was one of the American team, a murderous cheerleader – who knows how she’s going to fit into the game’s story.

Red Awakening is described as something akin to Quake meets Manhunt by the development team who are running their Kickstarter sometime in November, anyone who wants to learn a little more about this exciting new indie title should head to