Culture – Victoria Sanusi  1209610 - Interview with Brunel Fashion Society (Credit Victoria Sanusi).-2-2
Credit Victoria Sanusi

On Wednesday 26th I met up with the lovely girls from Brunel Fashion Society. Fahima Patanker (President), Tabi Ghasemi (Vice President), Aleruchi Okachi (Secretary), Kristine Yoshikawa (Web Officer) and Saima Ahmed (Treasurer) are the new committee members of this re-established society. For those of you who don’t know, BFS is, according to their Facebook page, a ‘fun and friendly society. Our motto is “Inspiration for the generation” and by that we aim to share our appreciation of fashion through: “Outfit Ideas”, “Brunel Street Style” “Fashion Trend Alerts” via social media as well as tons of fashionable socials.’ BFS currently has 65 active members and 200 members on Facebook.

LN: Are you a new society? I’ve not heard of Brunel Fashion Society before this academic year.

FP: There was a Fashion Society in 2012 when I started Brunel but it seemed a bit dead, they weren’t even at Fresher’s fayre but we were.

LN: Why is your society different?

TG: It’s a really social society where our members are really involved.

AO: We have a Christmas dinner coming up soon with all our members and then after we are going to Global.

LN: What have you done so far?

TG: We were at the Halloween Global running a competition with the 1st price consisting of champagne and £20 for RAG and runners up getting a goodie bag. We also had a photo booth on during that same week.

SA: We empower our members! We encourage them to take pictures of stylish people on the concourse. These pictures go onto our Instagram page.

LN: What would you say is a key essential item for a winter wardrobe?

TG: Parka coat

AO: Long Coat

SA: Snoods

KY: Oversize Coat

FP: Oversize Jumper

LN: Is your society gender specific?

SA: All genders are welcomed, in fact it’s about 50% male and we have males on the committee as well.

LN: Where do you all get your style inspiration from?

FP: Berlin style.

AO: Definitely Instagram, a bit of Tumblr, Fashion companies’ personal shoppers’ Instagram’s accounts

KY: Tumblr and Vogue.

SA: A fashion blogger called huda beauty, Instagram, Tumblr, Fashion Week.

LN: What is your Ideal dress sense for a guy?

FP: Basic tee are sample and a long coat

AO: Leather jacket

SA: Good shoes and a good haircut!

LN: High street or high end?

All: High street and high end mixed and matched. It’s not about the brands.

LN: What advice would you get a girl/boy whose plays a sport and literally lives in their sports gear but what’s to branch out?

FP: Stay true to yourself

SA: It’s all about testing things out. Try and error

FP: You’ve to be confident!

LN: What are your plans for next year?

AO: We want to get involved with one world week.

SA: We want to hopefully expand our merchandise from our £20 jumpers to T-shirts as well.

FP: We are trying to organise a trip to Paris Fashion Week for the end of January.

Culture – Victoria Sanusi  1209610 - Interview with Brunel Fashion Society (Credit Brunel Fashion Society Facebook)
Credit Brunel Fashion Society Facebook

LN: Are you going to collaborate with societies/sport/outlet on campus?

FP: We’ve already worked with RAG for Halloween. We are keen to work with Radio Brunel and Video Brunel we just need some help to do so.

LN: Seeing as you’re final years and are you scared for the success of the society for the future?

TG: We trust our members and we believe that BFS will be in good hands.

BFS’ Web officer, Kristine Yoshikawa, is currently creating a fashion blog for the society which will be active soon. You can find the Brunel Fashion Society on FaceBook by searching their name and it’s a £3.50 to join.