Labelling themselves as the ‘babies’ of Virgin EMI Records, Pretty Vicious are a young band with a huge sound and massive potential.

This Welsh 4-piece rock band consists of teens Brad Griffiths, Elliot Jones, Jarvis Morgan and Tom McCarthy. The group, between the ages of 16-18, have already signed to one of the UK’s biggest music labels and played at the country’s greatest music festivals. They’re a pretty big deal.

I managed to catch up with the guys prior to their headline London gig earlier this month. So, with 5 minutes to spare before to the sold out gig I was able to grab a quick interview backstage.

Seeing as the London gig was one of the last shows on their most recent tour for Pretty Vicious, I thought it was only appropriate to start the interview with questions on the whole being-in-a-band-and-touring thing. The group told me their funniest memory as band on tour, they said:

“We gigged with a band called Flesh and they had band t-shirts, and they used to put them on sex dolls, like. And Jarvis decides to take one and have a go on the sex doll. That’s a memory."

For anyone that’s interested in going to a Pretty Vicious gig the boys told me that you should expect it to be ‘loud, loud and very loud’. I did originally ask for them to describe one of their shows in three words but I guess I’ll have to let that one slide because that answer is quite accurate when talking about their music.

Their biggest hit so far, National Plastics, got nationwide radio play earlier this year and its success led to the boys going on a national tour and hitting every big UK festival you can think of. The 4-piece told me that their favourite festival was Reading, and the biggest highlight was when a man wore Welsh flag boxers and nothing else whilst crowd surfing during their set!

Joking around saying that if they could they’d love to open for the likes of Sugababes, Celine Dion and The Spice Girls, they then admitted they’d really love to open for musical classics Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Oasis and Queen. However, I’m sure opening for The Spice Girls would be pretty cool too.

The majority of Pretty Vicious voted ‘Summer Sonic Tokyo 2015’ as their favourite gig to date. They told me; “the fans are brilliant... They sing all your songs words for words and it’s just wicked”. The group admitted that the best part about being signed to such a big label is that they get to do what they love and it’s also great to have the ‘freedom to create music that you want to create and not having any worries about anything’.

The band were clearly hyped for their London show, telling me how much they love the atmosphere in London. However, they admitted that their hometown of Merthyr Tydfil in Wales is by far their most favourite place to gig; they love the atmosphere and said they know everyone, which always makes it a fantastic gig.

In terms of new music the next thing on the horizon for Pretty Vicious is a debut album. They told me they plan on going straight to an album and it should be out at the very earliest part of next year.